Clash of Clans Town Halls
With Supercell already announcing Town Hall 10 for Clash of Clans, when exactly can we expect the December 2018 update to arrive?
By now, you’ve probably heard that Town Hall 10 is coming to Clash of Clans. Officially confirmed by Supercell earlier this month, the long-awaited new Town Hall is set to arrive next month as part of a “massive” game update.

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Unfortunately, Supercell has not announced a release date for the update, other than sometime in December. So with just a few weeks to go until we turn the calendar page, I decided to look back at previous years’ winter updates to see if I could gauge when exactly this year’s update will arrive.
The results were a mixed bag with no clear pattern, unfortunately.

I went all the way back to the December 2015 update, which introduced Town Hall 11. This update, which was one of the biggest ones ever at the time, was released on December 10. This was the second Thursday of the month.

In 2016, the winter update arrived on December 16, which was the third Friday of the month. The 2017 winter update came on December 15, which was also the third Friday of the month.
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