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Sponsored Off-campus Housing application

To renew your lease / apply for University sponsored housing you must complete this application.

Accommodations are limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis for those in good standing. Good standings include academically, conduct, leasing violation, & student account balances.

Summer I & II housing application is now open to all.

Current Residents will have the opportunity to renew their lease for fall 2019 until July 1, 2019.

General applications for fall 2019 housing will begin July 5, 2019. In the event you have applied before July 5, 2019 you will need to apply again at this time.


As of 7/24/19 all sponsored housing are utilizing a waiting list.
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  • If applying for more than one term please submit new application for desired term.
  • Feel free to view property options:
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    Option 2
    Option 3
  • Please provide feedback on your off campus housing exspectations.
    If you have resided in university sponsored housing before, how can we improve your exsperiance?
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