Survey on Lix 3d Printing pen
This survey is to know how people find our website useful to choose a 3d pen and how good is lix 3d pen 3d pens ratings
  • The 3D pen Lix Pen is today part of the most popular models of 3D pens. I had the opportunity to test this type of 3D pen, and thanks to that, I could understand the enthusiasm of many people on this device.

    The peculiarities of the pen Lix Pen 3D
    The 3D pen Lix Pen looks like the design of a classic pen. Indeed, it is fine and comes in two shades including black color and aluminum. It works by extruding plastic PLA or ABS heated to a temperature ranging from 160 ° C to 230 ° C indicated by an LED system. This 3D pen can fit in a shirt pocket, and after its use, it does not risk doing a task on your clothes with a "unibody" appearance. The 3D pen Lix Pen uses a simple USB cable to feed and has two buttons to control the stop, start, and speed of extrusion.

    The result of my test on the pen Lix Pen 3D Reviews
    The first use of this 3D pen, it takes many tests to be able to leave and succeed a perfect square in 3D. Indeed, the manipulation or control of the Lix Pen is not so obvious. So, we feel a little frustrated and we can not help thinking that it is not possible to conceive anything. It was after looking for some information on the Net that I began to understand the mode of operation and the right method to properly create 3D drawings.

    The 3D pen Lix Pen is pleasant in its entirety from the point of view of its design, the ease of handling, the ability to vary the temperature, and the simplicity of the filament change. However, its use requires many hours of training. That said, it does not deter you from using this fun creative drawing tool.

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