CSBS Committee Assignment Request
Students have two options when they are ready to move into dissertation. They can work with faculty to form their committee or they can request that CSBS research does it for them. In either case, the student needs to fill out this form with a current prospectus/premise.

Students must submit the form by week 9 in the quarter prior to the anticipated start date; late submission may delay registration.
  • Instructions:

    • Student fills out Part A and completes part B Faculty Information, if applicable.
    *The student needs to submit one form for the requested chair and one when the student is ready to request a second committee member.
    *The student must attach a copy of the premise/prospectus and a confirmation email from the faculty being requested.
    *The school designee will approve and submit for processing or deny and work with the student on an alternative.

    • Students wanting the school to find a match: Student fills out parts A and checks the appropriate box(s), then clicks submit.
    *The school designee will identify a match and submit for processing.
    *The student and matched faculty will be notified.

  • / /
    enter the date you are completing this request form
  • Part A Student Information

  • If so, you must attach an email from your current dissertation faculty indicating you are ready to move.
  • For example: Fall 2018
  • Selected Chair Information

  • Select only one option
  • Selected Committee Member Information

  • Select only one option