Pay it Forward Agreement
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  • Background

    The theme of the COW program is making the world better than we found it. We attempt to do that by the sharing of our material, intellectual, and spiritual (non-religious) resources to those young people involved in the program. Although we currently have 30 or less participants each year, the impact of the program can be multiplied exponentially if each participant positively impacted 30 others, and if those 30 positively impacted 30 others.

    COW exists only through the great generosity of a very small number of supporters and contributors. These supporters have never made any demands except that the young people give their very best effort, and become more accountable for their own fate. They have never asked that their substantial financial investment in these young people be paid back to them. Instead, their wish is that the investment be paid forward to other deserving young people, so that collectively, we make the world better than we found it.

    Therefore, beginning with the 2004 COW session, we will be instituting the COW Pay It Forward (PIF) commitment component of the program. Each participant must commit to, and execute a specific plan of service to others upon completion of the COW program. Each participant must secure an adult sponsor who will commit to ensuring that the PIF commitment is executed, documented, and reported to the COW administration. This will become a mandatory component of the program.
  • Pay It Forward Agreement:

    I, acknowledge that I am important and that I make a difference in this world. Further, I commit to be a force for positive change in my school, community, and home. I acknowledge that I must live outside of my normal comfort zone in order to be successful at this.

    In addition, I, acknowledge the substantial cost associated with my participation in the COW program, if accepted, in the amount of $4500 to $5000. Also, I acknowledge the significant generosity of the various donors who support COW and make my participation possible.

    Therefore, I, commit to those donors and other sponsors of this program that I will “Pay Forward” their generosity by executing the following specific acts of service to others after completing the COW program. I will also document the service I perform for review and validation by my PIF sponsor:
  • Examples of service ideas include:

    a) Volunteering as a school ambassador, working in any capacity my PIF sponsor recommends.
    b) Volunteer as a peer leader in my school, working with the principal on specific tasks he or she outlines.
    c) Volunteering a specific number of hours of community service in various agencies, such as retirement homes, orphanages, hospitals for terminally ill children, etc.

    By entering the students name and date, the PIF sponsors information, and the Parent/Guardian Information you certify that you have READ AND FULLY
    UNDERSTAND this Pay It Forward agreement, AND I SIGN IT VOLUNTARILY (by filling out this online registration form) WITH FULL
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