Food Service Plan Application
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  • Yes No
    Thin meats, poultry, fish, eggs
    Thick meats, whole poultry
    Sandwich meats sliced on site.
    Hot processed foods
    Bakery goods (made on site)
    Are slaws or salads (Ex: potato, pasta, etc.) made on site
  • Yes No
    Will raw meats, poultry and seafood be stored in the same refrigerators and freezers with cooked/ready-to-eat foods?
  • Yes No
    Will any seafood and/or meats be washed
    Or thawed on-site prior to use?
  • Floor Coving Walls Ceiling
    Bar (if applicable
    Food Storage
    Other Storage
    Toilet Rooms
    Garbage & Refuse Storage
    Mop Service Basin Area
    Ware washing Area
  • Yes No
    Will all outside doors be self-closing and rodent proof?
    Will air curtains be used?
  • Yes No
    Is there area for washing trash cans?
    Is there area for mop/broom storage?
  • Yes No
    Will garbage cans be stored outside?
    Will there be area for recyclables?
    Will a dumpster be used?
  • Number of Dumpsters Size Frequency of Pickup Contractor
    Will a Dumpster Be Used?
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