Written Application
UK Games Fund Round 5

This form is for the text-based aspects of your application only. It will not be considered in isolation. A full application constitutes this form plus your pitch video.

You must submit this form and your pitch video by 12 Noon on Monday 1st April 2019 to participate.

A personalised link to upload your video was included in the email that linked to this form.

Project timings through 2019 will be as follows:

*Application Development with EOI Registrants during February/March 2019.
*EOI Registrants invited to submit video pitch and this form in March 2019.
*Application evaluation period April/May 2019.
*Shortlisted applicants invited to interviews with UK Games Fund panel (venue and details TBC).
*Successful showcasing applicants notified during June 2019.
*First £2,500 paid in July 2019.
*Showcasing and pitching at a Pitch Preparation Event September 2019 (venue and details TBC).
*Second £2,500 paid post Pitch Preparation Event.
*Consumer showcase event and final pitch in Autumn 2019.
*Fully funded companies have a £20,000 grant to spend on salaries / contractors between November 2019 and March 2020.

See the UK Games Fund website for further information.

    Late submissions will not be considered. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • This is used to inform policy and is not part of our decision-making process
  • If no company yet write the planned name, or a name to be just for this application
  • Provide the registration number or write in the box approx date when you will establish the company
  • Add your public facing website address if available
  • Primary address:

  • Any information that helps us would be appreciated - but it'll generally be the nearest large city name.
  • Registered Office if different:

  • About Your Company or Team

    Don't be put off by any implication underlying some questions here about time established, company or project scale, PAYE use, trade body membership etc - we use these form fields across all applications to standardise data collection.
  • Company age since registration (years)
  • Profile of primary founder
    If none applies please comment in the general qualification box further down this form.
  • Most turnover from
    You can qualify this in the box further down this form if necessary.
  • Please note any new hires planned over the coming year. Enter 0 if none
  • An approximate estimate of average gross annual pay
  • Female
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    These are approximate percentage values.
    This is used to inform policy and not part of our decision-making process.
  • Please check the above box if you believe that the profile of your team would be seen as unrepresentative of UK early-stage games developers in general and / or support for your team will increase the diversity of our portfolio generally. We'll be exploring this issue further with EOI registrants that tick the box.
  • Please check the above box if you believe that your application requires special assistance. We'll be exploring this issue further with EOI registrants that tick the box.

    Feel free to add information in the box below if needed.
  • Context for your application

    The programme is designed to support early-stage projects that need further time for the development of ideas and pitching materials. Participation in the consumer games show later in the year provides a clear deadline, as well as the opportunity to gain all-important feedback from the public and industry.

    Clearly explain the benefit that this programme will bring to your project and company.

    This may differ depending on your circumstances:

    *Smaller companies and newly formed teams (committed to setting up a company) frequently have a need for early stage funding, support, and visibility – but beyond simple development goals you should have an eye on what the next step is in terms of the business, and how we can help get you there, or
    *More established companies and teams will need to show a direct benefit or opportunity they might not otherwise be able to pursue – perhaps our help would support growth of a new project team or work in a new area, or perhaps mitigate specific risks around a new project or IP.

    Games that are already in full-scale development (or where the majority of funding is already secure) may not be appropriate for this programme – if in doubt then send us a short paragraph about the project and we will endeavour to help.
  • Describe in 300 words. Do not link to external content.
  • Project information

    You will have an opportunity to update this before you submit your final application.
  • Please ensure you use a consistent name in all communications with us.
  • Describe your project in 100 words. Do not link to external content.
  • Additional Information

    The following questions have been added after you submitted your EOI. Please DO NOT include external links in your text, they will not be followed, and failure to provide the information requested in the form could result in your application being rejected.
  • Check all boxes that apply. Projects with physical game elements must also feature a significant digital software component or companion app to be eligible.
  • Check all boxes that apply.
  • Numbers only. Estimate the total cost of completing development of your project and getting it to market successfully. This includes work carried out prior to our support, the work funded by our support, and any work carried out alongside or after our support ends. This should include all costs related to the project, not just labour costs.
  • Numbers only. Estimate the number of calendar months. This is a total for the whole project, including any work already carried out and any work after our support ends.
  • Numbers only. Estimate the gross labour costs remaining on the project of UK-based employees and contractors, from November 2019 until the project is completed.
  • Numbers only. Estimate the calendar months of work remaining on the project, from November 2019 until the project is completed.
  • This is supplemental information - this topic should also be covered in your video pitch. Briefly describe the current status of the project and team you have in place.
  • This is supplemental information - this topic should also be covered in your video pitch. Briefly outline what you intend to develop further for the project before October 2019 to make it ready for the consumer trade show.
  • This is supplemental information - this topic should also be covered in your video pitch. Briefly describe any future plans you may already have for securing funding beyond our own, and getting the project to market successfully.
  • This is supplemental information - this topic should also be covered in your video pitch. Thinking beyond the current project, briefly describe your vision for the company moving forwards, and how this project fits into the bigger picture of company sustainability or growth.
  • Declarations

  • Explanation of State aid de Minimis rules: applicants will not be eligible for grants if the grant will mean they will receive more than 200,000 euros from any source over the previous three-year period.
  • Privacy Policy

    Please read our Privacy Policy here https://ukgamesfund.com/about/privacy-policy/
  • Use Save and Resume function to save draft EOI whilst you are working on it. ONLY PRESS SUBMIT ONCE WHEN COMPLETE.