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    The information on this form should match all passengers/travelers photo I.D, Passport or other approved travel document. Magical Partners Travel - MPT² Travel is not responsible for misspelling of passenger information on reservations where the information on the booking matches exactly what is provided here. Please check your entries before submitting this information. Correcting information on a booking may result in additional charges by the supplier, which will be the responsibility of the party submitting this information to Magical Partners Travel. If you have any questions, please save this form using the link next to the submit button below, and contact your Travel Advisor.
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  • If you need to add additional Passenger/Travelers please submit additional forms, duplicating the Lead Passenger/Traveler information on each form. If you have any questions please contact your Travel Advisor.
  • Travel Services Contract and Disclosures:

  • Terms, Conditions and Limitations:

    1. Responsible Party: I acknowledge that “I” refers to myself as the Primary Passenger/Traveler and Responsible Party on behalf of the booked and contracted travelers: and I accept that I am authorizing, accepting and approving travel documents for all travelers listed on the confirmed Travel Package and Payment Authorization. I understand that Magical Partners Travel will not release personal information to ANY parties not listed on your finalized Travel Contract or pre-authorized emergency contacts listed, and will apply due diligence in maintaining client privacy, and ensure records in a secured, safe location.

    2. Receipt of Travel Package Documents: I have received the attached: Travel Itinerary or Travel Documents, a Travel Insurance Brochure and Receipt of Payment. I have read and verified my travel details for correctness and had the opportunity to ask my agent questions about them; and I hereby acknowledge that they are complete to my satisfaction.

    3. Agency Disclosure: I accept that Magical Partners Travel - MPT² Travel issues these traffic documents in the sole capacity as intermediary for the airline, tour company, cruise line, hotel, resort or other supplier as indicated in the traffic document, brochure, correspondence or other communication. Magical Partners Travel - MPT² does not assume or bear the responsibility for: the cancellation or substitution of services by the supplier, financial default of supplier, refunds, gross negligence or unused services to be provided by suppliers, or any obligation, service or monies for which is not explicitly the specific responsibility of Magical Partners Travel - MPT² Travel.

    4. Travel Protection Insurance and Release of Liability: I have received a Travel Insurance Quote and Summary of Coverage, including a “Cancel For Any Reason” option, for all traveling passengers; and I understand that such protection offers limited yet significant coverage towards unexpected cancellation needs, medical emergencies, loss of luggage, delays of travel, and other unforeseeable travel conditions. I am aware that Magical Partners Travel - MPT² Travel recommends purchase of Travel Protection Insurance to guard against potentially catastrophic, unforeseen events that can occur in the normal course of travel. I furthermore accept that Magical Partners Travel - MPT² Travel have satisfied my request of travel needs and have recommended personal research for specific destination details; and I hereby voluntarily release them from liability in regards to issue that may occur while in transit and duration travel package. I accept financial responsibility for any penalties, distress and losses I incur due to changes or cancellation of travel plans for any reason; by myself, other listed traveling guests, and unforeseen alterations in travel itineraries, due to inclement weather, mechanical issues, political policy change, or otherwise noteworthy conditions that may be imposed by third party transporters.

    5. Refunds, Itinerary Changes, Imposed Fees and Cancellations I have been advised that cancellation, change or refund penalties do apply to the travel associated with these documents and I do fully understand the terms and conditions of such penalties. Magical Partners Travel - MPT² Travel has advised me and directed me to access the supplier’s refund charge and cancellation fees and penalties. I am aware that the travel event may be subject to the loss of some (or all) of the fare, should I so elect to change or cancel this reservation. The travel products being purchased may be subject to additional surcharges, and fees imposed by various suppliers or government entities after the purchase date. Client understands and agrees to accept fee changes. These post-purchase amounts may be for reasons varying from currency exchange fluctuations, fuel surcharges, changes to foreign port charges and new travel taxes. Any changes in fees will be immediately conveyed to clients, include detailed reason of change, and options to handle payment. I understand and accept that, above any third party fee withholdings, Magical Partners Travel - MPT² Travel will impose the following charges: all non-insured reservations are subject to Cancellation Fees of $25 per adult, and when applicable, Booking Transfer Request Fees of $90 per adult will be applied to the provided credit card account.

    6. Passport, Visa and Security Requirements I understand possessing the proper document for travel is my responsibility. I have been advised of any passport, visa and security document requirements and have been directed to www.Travel.Sate.Gov to further research and comply with required documents and procedures for my travel event. I have verified all personal information; name, legal address, passport ID#, and expiration date for accuracy, including proper spelling of names. I confirm that my information is “as it appears” on legal Passport and travel documents. I understand that without proper travel documents, I may be denied passage to travel, without recourse to Magical Partners Travel - MPT² Travel.
  • Travel Insurance:


    As professional travel agents we feel that it is our responsibility to recommend travel insurance to protect your investment. Please read the TravelSafe brochure available to view in the Documents and Brochures link on our website or other information that has been provided to you carefully in order to make an informed decision concerning this important matter. Ask us or call us with any questions you may have.


    • I have been advised of the cancellation penalties for my purchase. I acknowledge access to the TravelSafe brochure or other provider information.

    • I understand that Travel Insurance can protect me from possible loss of money due to supplier bankruptcy/default, unexpected trip cancellation/interruption due to accident, sickness or death, baggage loss, medical expenses, and emergency air transportation costs.

    • I understand that I must purchase Travel Insurance immediately to obtain maximum coverage.
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