AWPCA "Best Operated Plant" Awards
  • Distribution Size
  • I. Pumping Equipment

  • II. Appearance, Attitude, & General Condition

  • III. Records & Test Equipment

  • Yes No
    Keeps Daily Records of Chlorine Residual
    Updated Distribution Map
    Produce Consumer Confidence & Monthly Operating Reports for Previous Year
    All Finished Water Flow Meters Have Been Calibrated in the Last 12 Months
    Uses EPA Approved Test Methods
    All Required Reagents are Available and Unexpired
    Unaccounted for Water 15% or Less for Previous Year
    Has Preventative maintenance Schedule for Pumps & Equipment
    Has Distribution Flushing Schedule
    Can Produce Bacteriological Results for the Past 12 Months
    All Process Control and Tank Monitoring Equipment Operable and Calibrated During the Past 12 Months
    Produce Annual Records of Pump Efficiency Curves on Pumps
    Meters all Wells/Pump Stations
    Updated Hydrant and Valve Map
    Has an Updated Written Bac-T Sampling Site Plan
    Has a Written Cross-Connection Policy
    Produce Record of 5 Year Tank Inspections
  • IV. Safety

  • Yes No
    Produce Evidence of Completing Any Safety or First Aid Class
  • V. Operators & AWPCA Affiliation