Clearinghouse: Submit a Resource
We work with all our partners to include the most focused resources on this site. So if you have a resource that you believe should be contained in the clearinghouse, fill out this form and we'll see how it might fit in our collection, following the established vetting protocols.

    Choose one of the options below to tell us about the organization that developed the resource

    Please fill in this field if you represent an NTTAP and are submitting this resource on behalf of another organization.

    Tell us the details of this resource. This information will appear on the clearinghouse website after being edited, so include all relevant information.
  • Please limit responses to 3-5 sentences (100 word max)
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  • Vetting Criteria (As Of 3/22/19)

    • The sponsoring or submitting organization of the resource must be the federal funder of the Clearinghouse (HRSA Bureau of Primary Health Care) or a National, State, or Regional Cooperative Agreement (NCA, PCA) or Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) entity within the national Health Center Program.

    • An entity, outside those listed in #1, may work directly with the Clearinghouse administrator, to submit a resource for vetting review by the Clearinghouse administrator utilizing the established quality standards.

    As of the date of this version of Vetting Protocol, please note that resource submission review prioritizes entities listed in #1 above.

    • Resource sponsor, or submitting organization, will utilize the established quality standards (see Quality Standards Checklist at bottom of Quality Standards page) to validate appropriateness for the clearinghouse collection at the time of submission.

    • Resource sponsor, or submitting organization, will review submissions annually for retention based on ongoing relevance and currency (see Retention Policy at bottom of Quality Standards page) at the prompt of clearinghouse staff.

    • The Health Center Resource Clearinghouse Working Group may propose to the federal funder special criteria for resource inclusion based upon emerging needs in the field.