2014 Savannah Speed Classic
Hutchinson Island, GA
October 23 - 26, 2014
  • Driver must hold a competition license with HSR or VMC recognized organization’s competiton license with a valid medical date. Must include a copy of VMC recognized license with entry.
  • Use this field if not and HSR member
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  • Car Information

  • Crew Information

    Entry includes Driver and 3 crew spaces. Driver and Co-Driver uses a crew space each. All Crew with an Annual Crew card use a crew space. Overcrew tickets are $45 each.
  • Event Fees

    Please check each event you wish to participate in. At a minimum the Racelink Sprint Races must be entered.
  • Includes Fri, Sat, Sun qualifying, and races
  • Must be entered in Racelink Sprint Races
  • Must be entered in event. No Credit for cancellations after 10/16/14.
  • Includes Test Day
  • Entry received after October 10, 2014
  • Hook Up fee for event weekend.
  • $ .
  • $ .
  • $ .
  • *SSL Enabled
  • 3 Digits
  • Make Checks payable to HSR
    Mail Entry and payment to HSR
    P.O. Box 8110
    Clearwater, FL 33758
  • HSR Rules

    The applicant (including crew, driver and car owner) agrees to conform to the rules, procedures and policies of HSR and waives any right to claim against, and covenants not to sue HSR, its officers, directors, employees, agents or any drivers’ committee with respect to the interpretation or application of any rules, procedures or policies.
  • Transponders

    AMB Transponders are mandatory, To purchase or rent an AMB Transponder, please contact Janet Harhay, jharhay@aol.com. Transponder purchase/rental form can be found on the HSR website under “forms”.
  • Cancellations

    In case of entry cancellation, a credit will be issued, less a $50 administration fee. Credits expire after one year from event entry cancellation. No credits will be issued for cancellation of Test Day after October 9, 2014. HSR does not issue refunds.