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Feel free to contact Universal Industrial Gases LLC for information about our various products and services. To enable us to provide you with the most meaningful response, please provide details about each product which will be needed, including flow rate, purity and pressure.
  • Location affects code requirements, shipping time, and other factors. At a minimum, please indicate country and general area within that country.
  • An approximate date is sufficient.
  • List each required product (e.g. oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc.) including expected average and peak flow rates, operating cycle (e.g. continuous 24-7 or hrs per day, days/wk, etc.), required delivery pressure, and purity. Specify the units of measure for each product and parameter (e.g. tons/day, lbs/hr, SCFH, Nm3/h, psig, barg, etc.)
  • Attach specifications or other data which will assist UIG in evaluating your request.
  • To help us better understand your requirement or interest, please provide other relevant information, such as detailed specifications, stage of project development, end use for the products, etc.