Call for Presentations 2022
2022 NCHN Annual Educational Conference
April 26-28, 2022
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, November 15, 2021

The National Cooperative of Health Networks Association (NCHN) invites NCHN members, Strategic Partners and guests with an interest in health networks to submit proposals for presentations at our 2022 Annual Educational Conference. The conference is an opportunity for network leaders, staff, network board members, stakeholders and policy makers to network, learn, share and laugh.

We are seeking proposals in a variety of presentation formats that will provide attendees with robust discussions, exploration of strategies, sharing of tools and examples that lead to successes in networks. The target population is network leaders, network staff, and network board members. Presentation proposals related to the following topics are of interest:

1. Self-Care
Self-care is not selfish. To the contrary; self-care means taking care of yourself to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, thus enabling you to more effectively perform your various life’s roles. Care providers often neglect their own care, citing lack of time and/or energy. Presentations including education, skills, tips, and resources to help participants prioritize themselves and their health are desired.

2. Telehealth
The pandemic has accelerated the adoption and implementation of telehealth services faster than ever before. Proposals in this category are sought on:
o How to launch successful telehealth services
o Billing and reimbursement
o National regulations and requirements
o Resources and supports

3. Health Equity
Inequities in health, health outcomes, and access to healthcare have been spotlighted by the pandemic. Proposals are sought that provide examples, strategies and tools that participants can utilize to improve health equity in their communities.

4. Hospital-At-Home
Hospital-at-home enable some patients who need acute-level care to receive care in their homes, rather than in a hospital. This care delivery model has been shown to reduce costs, improve outcomes and enhance the patient experience. In November 2020, CMS launched the Acute Hospital Care At Home program to provide hospitals expanded flexibility to care for patients in their homes. Proposed presentations should address how to evaluate a community’s need for this model, identification and engagement of stakeholders, and keys to successful implementation.

5. Effective Leadership
Effective leadership is both a professional and personal, lifetime learning endeavor. What skills and attributes increase leadership efficacy? What gets in the way of leading more competently and confidently? What steps can be taken to increase a leader’s positive influence on their staff and organizational culture. Proposals that aid participants in answering these questions and leaving the session feeling confident and energized are welcomed.

6. Value Based Contracting
Increasingly health systems are being presented with the opportunity or requirement to move to some form of value-based contracts with both public and private insurers. These alternative payment models present additional challenges for health systems that cover relatively small populations. Discussions for these sessions should focus on experience with new payment models and examples of how these payment models are incorporated into value-based contracts. What are the specific challenges that health systems have encountered and what strategies have been effective at helping them meet those challenges?

7. Workforce Development
Obtaining and maintaining a sufficient workforce has become an even more difficult task. Proposals on this topic should include information on strategies and resources to aid health networks in meeting their workforce demands.

8. National Perspective on Housing, Staffing & Burnout
Healthcare has always been a demanding profession. Presently that demand has reached new heights. Health professional shortages and the lack of housing or affordable housing increasing nationally, are both factors contributing to staff recruitment challenges and increased burnout. Presentations are sought that will provide a national overview of these interrelated aspects, provide positive motivation and offer solutions.

9. Time For Discussing Where We've Been & What We've Learned
We will set aside time for participants to share what they’ve experienced and learned in 2020 & 2021. These semi-formal discussions will be facilitative in nature rather than a lectured presentation. Proposals for this category might include how to facilitate:
o A balanced discussion (stress & pain vs. hope & optimism)
o Conversations that elicit ideas for implementing lessons learned

Presentations are sought in the following formats:
Best Practice Showcase: This is your opportunity to showcase a successful product, service, or activity of your network.
Panel Discussion:panelists sharing information on a specific topic with question and answers from the participants. Should be informative, fast paced, and interactive.
PechaKucha:A simple presentation where the presenter shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and the presenter talks along with the images. The presentation would be approximately 10 minutes, including any Q & A
Plenary:An informative, information sharing presentation. Includes take-aways for the participants and a Q & A period.
Small Group Discussion:Facilitate an interactive “think tank” discussion and report back to the entire audience on ideas and potential solutions or strategies
Ted Talk Format: Concisely presented topic in 18 minutes or less. If used, slides depict key information pictorially rather than provide an outline of the presentation.

Presentations Proposal Submission Process:
Proposals should be submitted electronically by November 15, 2021 using this on-line form.

The following components must be included in the proposal:
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• Brief bio of presenter(s)
• Title of Presentation
• Identification of the Type of Presentation Format
• Two sentence description of presentation
• 1-2 paragraph presentation description, with learning objectives

The 2022 Annual Conference Planning Committee reserves the right to make final decisions on the selection of all presentations. Presentation applicants will be notified by January 15, 2022, of final selections. The 2022 Conference Planning Committee thanks you for your interest in our event!

Submission of a presentation proposal confirms that if selected, the presenter(s) agrees to:
• Understanding they are not being paid for delivering the presentation
• Be responsible for their own travel & lodging expenses
• Register & pay the conference registration fee

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    Submission of a presentation proposal confirms that if selected, the presenter(s) agrees to:
    • Understanding they are not being paid for delivering the presentation
    • Register & pay the conference registration fee

    The 2022 Annual Conference Planning Committee reserves the right to make final decisions on the selection of all presentations. Presentation applicants will be notified of final selections by January 15, 2022.

    Questions? Please contact Linda Weiss at 217-549-4121 or
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