Hounds of the Heartland (HOH)

Primary Contact (First and Last Name)
(Primary Caregiver for Greyhound)
Spouse/Partner (First and Last Name)
Primary Caregiver Birthdate

Address (Street, City, State, and ZIP)
Primary Phone Number

Secondary Phone Number

Primary Caregiver Employer
Name and Ages of others living in household
How did you hear about us?
How many hours per day will your greyhound be alone?
Where will your greyhound be while you are not home?
How long have you considered adopting a greyhound?
Have you applied to adopt a greyhound or another breed of dog from any other agencies within the past 6 months? If YES, please provide details.
Have you read our required reading "Adopting the Racing Greyhound" or "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies"?
If you have children, have you read our required reading "Childproofing Your Dog"?
Are all members of the household in total agreement with this adoption decision?
Why do you want to adopt a greyhound?
Names, species, gender, and age of pets you currently own:
Do you have any outside dogs or cats that go outside?
If you currently have a Veterinarian, please provide name and phone number where your current pet's medical history and current vaccinations are on file:
How long have you used this veterinarian?
If you have Pets, are they current on vaccinations?
If you have Pets, do you have them on Heartworm Preventative?
If you have Pets, are they spayed/neutered?
List all pets you have previously owned as an adult and why they are no longer with you:
Please list two (2) personal references (not related to you) with phone number and/or email addresses
Do we have your permission to call your veterinarian and personal references?
Would you be willing to have a HOH representative visit your home?
Describe your residence:
 Single Family Home 
 Mobile Home 
Do you OWN or RENT? If you RENT, do you have permission from Landlord to have a large dog?
If you RENT, please also provide landlord contact information:
Do you have a fenced in yard? If so, what kind of fence is it AND how tall is it?
Will you put a lock on your gate to ensure that the greyhound is not let out or let itself out?
Do you intend to jog/run with your greyhound?
Do you have a swimming pool, lake, pond, or river in or near your yard?
Will your greyhound be kept as an indoor pet and not left outside, in the garage, or confined to a room?
Greyhounds cannot be tied to any stationary object, as they are able to take off so quickly that they can literally break their necks. Do you agree never to tie your greyhound to a stationary object?
Will you notify HOH immediately if your greyhound is ever lost or stolen?
If any reason arises where you are unable to keep your greyhound, do you agree to return the greyhound to HOH?
Do you agree never to transfer ownership of your greyhound to anyone without the consent of HOH?
Will you keep your greyhound on heartworm preventative every month and continue annual vaccinations?
Do you agree to keep an ID tag (yours and HOH) on your greyhound at all times?
Do you agree that your greyhounds will be kept solely as a pet and WILL NOT be used for HUNTING, RACING, BREEDING, or any form of MEDICAL RESEARCH.
For this application, Do you have a greyhound gender preference and why
Would you consider one of our special needs greyhounds? This usually means special medical needs, special food, allergies, older age, very shy, etc. Please answer with why.
What children or animals will your greyhound be in contact with that do not reside with you?
Please provide us with any additional information that may help us in the selection of your greyhound:

HOH reserves the right to refuse the adoption of one of our greyhounds to anyone for any reason.

I hereby certify that the information given in this Greyhound Adoption Application is true and correct. Upon adoption, I accept full responsibility for the welfare and care of the greyhound, releasing the greyhound's previous owner as well as HoH\GPA and its representatives from any future liability concerning the greyhound. I understand that HOH reserves the right to repossess any greyhound for violation of the adoption contract or if the greyhound should be mistreated.
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