[Interl / GEpilo /Freya] Need your opinion please
Hello Maxcheaters community, most of you dont know me, others yes, im an l2j developer known for the sucess of my servers as well l2jserver community development that succeded for 3 months until GOD Official release.
I present to you a well featured server, known by many players, new geodata, new features, less farming, more pvp. But still need some help, some advices, about what the community from the present wants and likes most.

Admins: DreamzOr / Maxwell

We are doing this Form for knowing players choices better, so it can help us make a better and nice server for everyone.

Please use some of your time for answering some questions. Thank you!
  • Chronicle:

  • Kind of Server your expecting:

  • Server Rates:

  • Server Enchant Rates:

  • Buff Slots:

  • Farm Zones:

  • Nexus Engine event?

  • Custom Stuff?

  • Implementation of new Stuff?

  • Sieges / Territories / Olympiad times + duration:

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