Fall '23 Travel Baseball Tournament Registration
Tournament Dates:
Fall Frenzy: September 30th and October 1st

Teams are not officially entered in to the tournament until payment has been received.
  • Team name will appear on the Tournament Shirt as listed.
  • Contact Information

    Please ensure that all phone numbers and emails are correct as they will be added to our One Call Now messaging system that will be used for tournament updates.
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  • Team insurance form needs to list City of Columbus and B.A.T.S as additionally insured. Your insurance provider will be able to add both entities to your 2022 insurance.
  • Download Coaches' Code of Ethics and read this form
    Click Here

  • Registrations are not accepted until payment is received.
  • Registrations without payment will be not considered complete and tournament entry is not secured.

    All refunds will be assessed a $30 processing fee.