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Please fill out this questionnaire completely. This information is needed to help serve you better. It will not be shared outside of PTSD Projects without your consent. By submitting this information to us, you are confirming that all information provided is true and accurate and that you have listed your complete mental health diagnosis.
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  • While PTSD Projects will do their best to assist you, we are not always able to provide you with the access to the service you have requested. A lot of our success depends on your active participation.

    PTSD Projects is made up of both military and civilian volunteers that have experienced PTSD either personally or as a caregiver. We are not mental health professionals. Anything we discuss with you is based on our personal experiences or opinions and is not to be taken as professional advice or treated as a professional service. We care and we do not judge. PTSD Projects is not liable for any actions taken by you at any time while you are associated with PTSD Projects and/or your PTSD Projects Buddy or following your association with PTSD Projects. By submitting this PTSD Projects questionnaire and by checking the yes box below, you are agreeing to this DISCLAIMER. In order for a representative of PTSD Projects to talk on your behalf to the VA and/or outside providers, additional paperwork will be needed by us. We are not able to help with any mental health issues other than PTSD and should it be suspected or determined by a PTSD Projects volunteer that there may be additional mental health issues or on a rare occasion, when it appears that we are not effective in helping you, we will suggest other avenues of help, but will have to discontinue our service to you. We hope we will be a help to you in your battle with PTSD. Thanks for reaching out to PTSD Projects.