Saint Luke Communication Form
Deadline: 2 Sundays prior to the date of the first communication need.

• Make sure you've allowed adequate time for the communication process to be accomplished.
• Receive approval from your Ministry Team leader
• Confirm details (date, times,booked facilities, location, registration, childcare, target audience, etc)
  • Name of the person filling out this form
  • This is the email address of the person submitting.
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  • This is the Name of the Leader/Contact Person for the program/event/announcement.
  • This is the email address of the Leader/Contact Person for the program/event/announcement.
  • Name for program/event/announcement
  • If announcement is not an event or program occurring at a location, simply put None.
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    This is the event start time, when guests should arrive.
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    When will the program/event be done? (Not including clean up)
  • :
    If your submission is not an event/program with times, set both to 12 am.
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  • *Registration needs to be available 1 month before the deadline.
  • Who is this event designed for?
  • Be sure to include what people will get out of the event, cost, and other basic information. Due to space, there is a 115 word limit.
  • Is there other information we need to know not covered in the form? Questions or concerns?Please include it here & we will follow up you.
  • Please refer to the communication guide to see the best methods based on your announcement's reach within the church and community.

    *Depending on current bandwidth in our communication schedule and availability of the team, we may not be able to communicate in all the requested ways, but we will be sure to communicate each event as effectively as we can.