Hartley's Crocodile Adventures - Tour Package
All tours include admission into Hartley's Crocodile Adventure and the crocodile cruise, and return transfers from Port Douglas. For general enquiries, please call 07 4183 1400. Please use form below for all bookings.
  • Hartley's Crocodile Adventure Booking Form: Transfers and Admission Package

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  • Please include the mobile number contactable in Port Douglas, or contact number of your accommodation. If number is outside Australia, identify as international with the country code eg +44
  • Price: Seat in Shared Bus (SB), or Private Transfer (PT)

    Adult #
    1 (SB)
    2 (SB)
    3 (SB)
    4 (SB)
    2+2 Family Value (SB)
    1 -5 Private Charter
    6 - 13 Private Charter
    14 - 20 Private Charter
    Seats in shared bus for children 0 to 14 are $39.00 per person, and includes child seats.
    If you need assistance please call 07 4183 1400 during office hours 7am to 7pm daily

  • Shared bus is a fixed timetable leaving Port Douglas hourly. Private transfer is for your group only and your nominated time.
  • Supplied at no charge. If you need child seats, how many and what type? B = booster, FFR = front facing baby seat, RFR = rear facing baby seat.
  • Select times for Hartley's Crocodile Adventures - Tour Package

    Note the journey between Hartley's and Port Douglas takes about 30 minutes.
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  • Seats in Shared Bus are fixed timetable pick up from Port Douglas. Going early gives you more time at Hartley's.
  • Please select "other" if you cannot find your accommodation in this list, and enter your accommodation in the message box at the end of this form.
  • Select time for return transfer back to Port Douglas

  • Pickup from Hartley's Croc Adventure. Select midday, 2pm or 5pm for seat in shared bus service.
  • Please select "Others" if you cannot find the hotel in this list.
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    The total price of your transfer. Please check and insert price as above. Enter only numbers and no decimal point. See price table above. Children 0-14 are $39. Example costs: 1 adult = $80, 2 adults = $160, 1 adult and 1 child = $119, 2 adults and 1 child = $199, 2 adults and 2 child = Family Value $217, 2 adults and 3 child = $277, 3 adults and 2 child = $318. If you need assistance please call 07 4183 1400 during office hours 7am to 7pm daily
  • Payment

    We accept VISA / MASTER credit card payment method.
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  • - No refund for cancellation within 24 hours prior to transfers and tours.
    - 50% refund is given for cancellation before 24 hours of transfers and tours.
  • That's it! Submit your form and we will be in touch during business hours 7am to 7pm daily. You will receive a copy of this booking request immediately, and we will send a separate confirmation as soon as we have processed your booking and payment. Your confirmation will have all contact transfer details.