AWPCA "Best Operated Plant" Awards
  • I. Raw Water Intake Equipment

  • Yes No
    Has Generator
    Operable Raw Water Flow Meter
    Is Facility Visited Daily
  • II. Filters

  • Yes No
    All Loss of Head (DP) Indicators Operable
    All Rate of Flow Indicators Operable
  • Yes No
    Is There a Standard Operating Procedure for Backwash
    Are Rake & Hookgage or Other Advanced Flow Rate Equipment Available
  • III. Clearwell

  • Yes No
    Is Clearwell Properly Protected
  • Yes No
    Is Clearwell Level Indicator Working Properly
  • IV. Chemical Feed Equipment

  • Yes No
    Spare Disinfectant Feeder
    Spare Corrosion Control Feeder
    Spare Coagulant Feeder
  • Yes No
    Is Weight of Chemical Usage Recorded
  • V. Extra Equipment

  • Yes No
    Flouride Being Fed
    Corrosion Inhibitor Other Than Lime, Soda Ash, etc. Being Used
    Powdered Activated Carbon, Potassium Permanganate, or other Oxidation Chemical is Being Fed
    Particle Counters or Advanced Turbidity Equipment Being Used
  • VI. Maintenance & Operations Records

  • Yes No
    Makes Monthly Determination of Unaccounted for Water
    Are Turbidimeters Verified Weekly & Calibrated Quarterly
    Records Indicate Monthly Rate of Flow Measurements on Each Filter
  • Yes No
    Produces Monthly Operating Report for Previous Year
    Is Unaccounted for Water 15% or Less for the Past Twelve (12) Months
    Calibration Charts for Feeders Updated Within the Past Six (6) Months
    Produces Bacteriological & Chemical Results for Previous Year
    Produces Consumer Confidence Report for Previous Year
    Raw & Finished Water Flow Meters Have Been Calibrated in the Past Twelve (12) Months
    System Has a Cross-Connection Policy
  • VII. Safety

  • Yes No
    Has Gas Mask with Unexpired Canister or SCBA Available, or Comparable Safety Equipment Available if Feeding Disinfectant Other Than Chlorine
  • Yes No
    Has Safety Displays & Posters
    All Areas of the Plant Safe to Work Except as Noted by Appropriate Signs
    Can Produce Evidence of Completing Any Safety or First Aid Seminar or Class
    Do Disinfectant Rooms Have Proper Ventilation
    Is an Operable Shower Available Near the Fluoride Area
  • VIII. Water Quality Performance (January - December)

  • Yes No
    Maximum Filter Effluent Turbidity is 0.10 NTU or Less
    Fluoride Concentration Averaged Between 0.5 mg/L & 0.8 mg/L
    TOC Performance Ratio Results Reported to ADEM were 1.0 or Greater
    DBP in Compliance for the Last Year
  • .010 .015 .020 .025 .030 .035 .040 .045 .050 NA
    Maximum Monthly Filtered Water Turbidity
  • .055 .060 .065 .070 .075 .080 .085 .090 .095 N/A
    Maximum Monthly Filtered Water Turbidity
  • .10 .15 .20 .25 .30 .35 .40 .45 .50 .55 NA
    Maximum Monthly Filtered Water Turbidity
  • .60 .65 .70 .75 .80 .85 .90 .95 .999 NA
    Maximum Monthly Filtered Water Turbidity
  • IX. Appearance

  • X. General