UL Medical Student Travel Proposal Form
The purpose of this form is to alert the SOM Global Education Office (GEO) and undergraduate International Center regarding plans for medical student travel prior to any student filing individual paperwork to the university or buying plane tickets or other non-refundable items. By seeking approval for the proposed trip, potential trip participants can know if extra forms need to be filled out or special permissions must be sought in order to obtain credit for the experience. This form should be filled out for any organized trip with medical student participation and should be submitted at least 3 months in advance of proposed trip (but more time is always better). If students are traveling as a group, only one form needs to be completed for the whole group.
  • Location, month and year.
  • Country and City / Region
  • / /
  • / /
  • (note: partners must obtain a vendor number for funds to be deposited directly from any U of L account, including the student fundraising account)
  • (name and contact info)

    Email geomed@louisville.edu the letter of invitation from the organization or site.
  • List name, specialty and clinical department
  • List name and MS year
  • Example: 5 to 1
  • Name and email address
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