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  • 4x4 Ambulance: are suitable for rough terrain and hard to reach places ambulance cant get to.these are all kitted to emergency standard.

    Ambulance: Are fully kitted to front line standard, these are stretcher capable, they can be used as a first aid point but will need to transport in the event of an emergency.

    Rapid response Vehicle: This is a seated vehicle suitable on road events or for hard standing surfaces these are all kitted to emergency standard

    First Aid Point: This is a Static first aid post and treatment area (pop up gazebo),this is ideal for events over 1 day or big events where a large number of people will attend.
  • First Aiders: Carry a basic level of training including defibrillation use, and are able to deal with or recognise most minor and life threatening first aid injuries e.g Cuts and bleeding, Heat attacks.

    Ambulance Care Assistance: Have a basic level of first aid training, manual handling, they have had additional training and can administer Oxygen and use a Defibrillator.

    Emergency care Assistance: Have an intermediate level of training and are able to recognise and deal with medical and trauma emergencies, they can do, AED, Oxygen, Entonox, Some Medications.

    Technicians/ EMTs: Have intermediate training with extending skills to the ECA's they have more in depth Anatomy and physiology training, Pharmacology training, have the ability to monitor patients have the knowledge of medical and trauma emergencies

    Advance technicians: Have an Advance level of training with more in depth knowledge then the intermediate Technicians, have the ability to make clinical decisions, have a wider skill range on medication, fluid therapy, AED, medical and trauma emergencies.

    Paramedics: Have a advance level of training and must be registered with the HCPC to legally practice in England, the cover all Medical and Trauma emergencies have a wide range of medication therapy, AED and patient monitoring.

    Nurses: are pre hospital trained nurses with the understanding of medical and trauma emergencies in a pre hospital setting

    Doctors:are pre hospital trained Doctors with the understanding of medical and trauma emergencies in a pre hospital setting they have the ability to diagnose and make clinical decisions.

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