Pantone Matching Custom Ribbon Quote-Detailed Form
Pantone Matching (PMS) Custom Ribbon Quote Form
Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible in order to get an accurate quote for your ribbon.
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  • Example: PMS 299C, PMS 299U
    Coated (C), Uncoated (U), Matte (M)

    Do you have other items printed with your PMS color that the ribbon will be displayed with for your presentation? If so, please consider sending us a sample of some of the other items to compare colors for the best result.

    We have found that sometimes multiple items ordered with a PMS color don't match depending on if that 10% tolerance was on the light side or the dark side.
    We've only had one real challenge with it in 18 years of business, but that one time really mattered.
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    If the ribbon is for an event, what is the latest in hand date to have the ribbon by to assemble as needed for the event.
  • If not for an event or not needed by any certain time, please enter N/A
  • If your date is NOT flexible, please be sure the date entered above is the LATEST in hand date you can receive the ribbon.
    If your date is flexible, please advise by how much, or advise if no set date.
  • Per our agreement with PayPal, we ship to the address that PayPal approves and confirms when payment is made.