Keven Schlotterbeck

"How'd it go when Carry Anne took you to "The Islands", did you take to the "water" like a fish or did you flounder on those luxurious resort sands while she had her fun with the Cabana boy?" I was speaking in code, but she knew my meaning well. Ms. Frakkes was older than Chrystal, so it was an educated guess. Ms. Frakkes packed up all of the items on the table before pocketing her phone.

"I "swim" just fine-CABANA BOY; we'll be in touch a few days after you've got that wild hair out of your ass. I would really love to stay and watch you fight with the other inmates for your ass, but I'm somebody and you-are now a statistic."

"I haven't been charged yet; thank you for helping me out with this bogus case. My real lawyer will probably thank you with a big, fat lawsuit. Say hello to your mommy and tell her she's still not the best piece of ass, I ever had." Ms. Frakkes leaned back in the seat removing her glasses as she burned a hole in me with piercing blue eyes. She began unbuttoning her coat opening it to reveal the suit underneath.

"I'll let her know; make sure you watch me go and don't say I never gave you anything." Ms. Frakkes stood removing her overcoat, slinging it over her arm as she walked to the door. She knew my eyes were following her.

"Damn." I muttered under my breath as she walked by for intended effect. The platinum blonde was tall and stacked. The term best describing Ms. Frakkes would be "Built like a Brick Shithouse". The upper portion of her suit hid her torso, but her lower half was covered in a micro-mini just a few inches below the tops of her thighs. Ms. Frakkes was definitely a card carrying member of the McIntyre and Brennan clans with this huge, oval shaped, shelf of a butt extending from a small waist over powerful, shapely legs that were as long as Gen's. Her feet were covered with these shiny pumps that caught the ambient overhead lighting of the interrogation room.


"Bye Felicia." Ms. Frakkes called out, taunting me as the heavy metal door slammed shut in my face. The echo reverberated off the walls as I looked down at the floor wondering when I would be arraigned.


BAD M.I.L.F Volume 3-The New Batch Ch. 4

I was left in a general holding cell for what turned out to be a day and a half before the cops saw fit to come and get me citing, an ongoing investigation before returning my property. It didn't hit me until I walked out onto the street into the midday sunlight how much had been done to me. I'd made sure to take the badge numbers of the officers who'd arrested me intending to sort it out after I was settled. There was no way Carry Anne was going to be done with me after the brief exchange we'd shared over the phone. I'd just been introduced to a new female member of the McIntyre clan and this woman meant business. She'd also let me know that I was considered a loose end that needed tying up, so much that Ms. Frakkes as she was known had been sent from Germany to take care of matters. A healthy dose of paranoia washed over me as I walked across town finding breakfast at an outdoor breakfast counter. Carry Anne had left an indelible mark on me in her first salvo and I knew I had to steel myself for what was obviously coming. I searched my phone finding the videos sent by Carry Anne the night before finding a bit of inspiration in the fact that Ms. Frakkes was apparently unaware of their existence. I uploaded the videos to my cloud before striking out for my vandalized apartment.

My apartment door was covered with a rectangular bit of plywood and police tape which was conspicuous as it was overkill. I managed to pry the plank free as some bystanders walked by taking note of my presence. The lights and gas had been turned off inside my apartment as I remembered Chrystal held ownership of them as a way to balance our collected income after she moved in with me. No doubt she timed them to be disconnected to coincide with the exact moment of Carry Anne's ultimatum. I guess if I'd been sitting at home, the lights would have suddenly shut off. They wanted to rattle me, going for shock and awe; but I was notoriously strong willed in my prior state before meeting any of them and that would be their undoing as far as I was concerned. I'd always deferred to Chrystal for no particular reason other than to keep the peace during our cohabitation. I'd compromised myself for mind blowing sex and companionship with a sociopath. I wondered how long our relationship would have lasted if her mother had never intervened. Someone had delivered my mail, most likely while the place was being sealed up. I found another summons to the Dean's office regarding what was phrased as an additional probe into the vandalism incident that occurred on campus the night I met Courtney McIntyre. I chaffed wondering if Dean Brennan was trying to join her children in defaming my name.

"Have a seat, the Dean will see you in a moment." I found a different receptionist in the office other than Malaya, some plus sized, bespectacled black woman with a short, blonde bob.

"Tell Dean Brennan I'm here; I'm sure she'll want to know I'm here."

"Is that right; have a seat, the Dean will see you-in-a-moment, uhm kay?" Her attitude was stifling as I smirked before snatching up a magazine finding a seat on a couch.

Forty five minutes later, the receptionist summoned me with a buzzer, which looked like something she'd purchased herself directing me back to the office. There was this antagonistic aura about the rotund sister that was as hard to ignore as the discreet eyeroll she did as I walked by. When our eyes met, she made a point of leaning to the side looking towards the other side of the office. I sarcastically giggled letting her know that I could care less as I entered the office.

"Have a seat." I found myself looking at an older, silver haired gentleman that reminded me of Alan Rickman, sitting comfortably behind Catherine's desk.

"You're not Dean Brennan."

"Of course not, my name is Dean Campbell; Ms. Brennan is on an administrative leave of absence and I believe she will be taking additional time to visit with family members, so I've graciously volunteered to pick up her work load." He stood giving me a firm handshake that was suspect in that he shook the tops of my four fingers before sitting down again. I followed suit finding a smaller chair inside that was originally there during my first visit.

"I'd hate to be redundant Dean Campbell, but I was already vetted by Catherine."

"Dean-Brennan, failed to turn in paperwork to that effect which leaves me to sort it all out; you don't mind answering a few question, do you?" I almost facepalmed in front of him realizing that I'd referred to his professional associate by her first name.

"No, I guess not."

"Good, keep your answers brief, direct and to the point, if you don't mind, sir." Dean Campbell appeared to have an openly antagonistic demeanor that left me with no choice considering what was being tabled. I could feel a tightness in my shoulders encroaching as he opened a folder almost similar to the one Ms. Frakkes opened while visiting me in the interrogation room.

"Are you aware that the statue of one of the colleges founding fathers was vandalized?"


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