Open Hand Way
Hand to hand combat training manuel
  • Monkey
  • Warm up exercises:
    Sun salute – Forward Bend – Eye exercises –
    Arm Streach – Wrist stretch

    Wrist / arm grab escapes
    1. Monkey turns inward
    2. ...turns outward
    3. ...pushes away
    4. ...swings away

    Strike defenses
    5. Monkey lifts the sky
    6. ….crushes the coconut
    7. ….lifts the branch
    8. ….slaps the water

    9. ….blocks the punch front
    10. ….blocks the punch sides
    11. ….blocks the kick

    Rushing / weapon defense / falling
    12. Monkey roll

    Front grab defense / headlocks
    13. Monkey Throw
    14. Headlock defense

    Universal kick & weapon defense
    15. ….turns away

    Yellow Belt Form.
  • Yellow belt rank
  • Warm up exercises:
    Frog builds bubble nest – Flower blossoms – Twist - Breath

    Wrist / arm grab
    16. ….grabs away (two hand grab to single wrist)
    17. ….kicks away (both wrists front)
    18. ….breaks away (both wrists rear)

    High Grab / punch defense
    19. ….strikes (lapel, shoulder, neck grab)
    20. ….trips (punch defense)
    21. ....escapes choke.

    Universal throws / headlock defenses
    22. Windmill Toss
    23. Headlock defense elbow
    24. Headlock defense throat
    25. Full Nelson defense

    Monkey Form.
  • Dragon
  • Warm up exercises:
    Butterfly sit ups – Finger tip push ups – Plough

    Stand up striking
    1a. Dragon Charges
    1b. Dragon Charges
    2a. Dragon dodges
    2b. Dragon dodges
    2c. Dragon dodges
    3. Dragon blocks the kick

    Short weapon defenses / knife / stick
    4. Dragon stretches his leg
    5. his wing
    6. ...slaps his wing
    7. ...flaps his wing

    Multiple use defenses
    8a. Dragon kicks (shin kick)
    8b. ...kicks (Rush defense)
    9. ...bows (lapel grab)
    10a. Striking asp (arms close together)
    10b. Striking asp (arms apart)
    11a. Dancer (Grab from rear or rope from rear)
    11b. Dancer (Grab or attack from front)
    12. Palms of Thunder
    13. ...breaks away. (bear hug front) .
    14. ...stomps and stretches his wings. (Headlock defense)
    15. Locking the arm (Quarter nelson defense)
    16. ...scratches his back (Full Nelson)

    Stand up striking
    17. Monks Hand (4 sides)
    18. Two Dragons (6 sides)
    19. Long legged spider (4 sides)
    20. Monks Shadow (2 sides)
    21a. Echoing hand A (2 sides)
    21b. Echoing hand B (2 sides)
    22a. Hand of thunder A (2 sides)
    22b. Hand of thunder B (2 sides)
    23. Dancing Dragon
    24. Boxer (2 sides)
    25. Open Fist
    26. Two swords

    Multiple use defenses
    27. Kimono grab
    28. Crash of the dragon (choke rear)
    29. Closes the gate (Punch defense)

    Stand up striking drill
    30. Badger

    Dragon Form
    Blue Belt
  • Blue belt rank
  • Eagle
  • Preemptive defense / grab defenses
    1a. Eagle stands on the snake
    1b. ...flaps his wing
    1c. ...kills the cobra
    2. Dance of the eagle.

    Preemptive defense / grab defenses
    3a. ...steps behind (Cross grab)
    3b. ...steps behind (Direct grab)
    4a. Trapped under eagles wing (lapel)
    4b. Trapped under the eagles wing (wrist)
    4c. Trapped under the eagles wing (hair grab)
    4d. Trapped under the eagles wing (choke)
    5. Arm twist (front grab or choke)
    6. traps the pigeon (high grab/rope from rear)
    7. oops (reverse traps the pigeon)

    8a. Standing hair grab front
    8b. Standing hair grab rear
    9a. Bridge (double grab or rope from rear)
    9b. Bridge
    9c. Bridge
    10. Eagle steps out (bear hug rear)
    11. Eagle spins (headlock 4 sides)
    12. Rear choke hold defense

    13a. Eagle grabs the kick
    13b. ...grabs the kick
    13c. ...grabs the kick with break
    13d. ...grabs the kick, break & kick
    13e. ...grabs the kick & stomp
    13f. ...grabs the kick with falling knee
    14. ...plucks a tail feather (full nelson /hug rear under arms)
    15. Leg wrap butt thrust

    16. Eagle escapes (Wall pin)
    17. Eagle suffocates the gazelle (direct headlock)
    18. ...swipes the throat (cross headlock)
    19. Eagle knocks his prey from the sky
    20. Wing stretch

    21a. Weapon disarm (Club / stick)
    21b. Weapon disarm (Club / stick)
    22a. Weapon defense (Pistol center)
    22b. Weapon defense (pistol off center)
    23a. Weapon defense knife (stands on snake)
    23b. Weapon defense knife (flaps his wing)
    23c. Weapon defense knife (kills the cobra)

    Brown Belt
  • Brown belt rank
  • Tiger
  • 1. Straight leg throw (with falling knee)
    2. Pulling Down Throw (Choke or rope rear)
    3. Pulling down straight leg throw
    4a. Hip throw front (with arm lock & scissor choke)
    4b. Hip throw sides (arm lock with leg pen and ax kick) rope from rear
    4c. Headlock throw front (arm lock with scissor choke)
    4d. Headlock throw sides (standing headlock) (arm lock with leg pin and ax kick)

    5. Arm lock with leg pin escape
    6. Arm bar wrap and roll
    7a. Pinned by the wildebeest
    7b. Pinned by the wildebeest
    7c. Pinned by the wildebeest
    8a. Ground pin defense into straight arm lock
    8b. Ground pin defense into bent arm lock.
    9. Apply choke from top or bottom mount.

    10. Butterfly escape
    11. Ground & pound defense
    12a. Side mount rolling escape
    12b. Side mount rolling escape
    12c. Side mount rolling escape
    12d. Side mount rolling escape
    13a. Cross mount defense
    13b. Cross mount defense
    14. Cross mount climbing defense & counter
    15. Cross mount counter
    16. Cross mount reversal
    17. Ground pin escape into leg pin arm bar
    18. Ground escape into wrap & roll
    19. Cross mount defense from bottom
    20. Ground pin escape choke counter

    21a Leg lever from ground with feet
    21b Leg lever from ground with arms.
    21c. Leg lever with shoulders
    21d. Leg lever with back
    22. Scissor back up
    23. Circle Throw with both feet

    24. Sitting rear choke defense
    25. Sitting rear choke defense
    26. Sitting scissor from behind defense.
    27. Standing scissor defense from front
    28. Sitting foot lock
    29. Sitting leg lock
    30. Ankle lock escape
    31. Countering ankle lock

    32a. Tiger steps behind quarter nelson defense )
    32b. Tiger steps behind (choke / rope from rear)
    33. Tiger cleans his mane
    34a. Scratches his back
    34b. Scratches his back rear chokehold defense
    35a. Tiger escapes wall pin
    35b. Tiger escapes wall pin

    36. Kicking sweep
    37. Spinning back sweep

    38. Falls from the wildebeest
    39. Falls from the wildebeest
    40. Slap of the tiger
    41. Slap of the tiger front kick grab defense
    42. Slap of the tiger front kick grab defense
    43. Slap of the tiger front kick grab defense
    44a. Crabclaw throw with scissor hold
    44b. Crabclaw throw with scissor hold
    44c. Crabclaw throw with scissor hold
    44d. Crabclaw throw with scissor hold
    44e. Crabclaw throw with scissor hold
    44f. Crabclaw throw with scissor hold

    45a. Headlock facing defense (crabclaw throw & finish)
    45b. Headlock cross defense. (crabclaw throw & finish)
    46a. Front or side kick defense
    46b. Front or side kick defense

    47a. Bullfighter rush defense high
    47b. Bullfighter rush defense low
    47c. Bullfighter rush defense low (Flying Knee)
    48a. Tiger Attacks
    48b. Attacks defense.
    48c. Attacks defense.
    48d. Attacks defense (Crucifix)

    49. Tiger brings down his prey
    50. breaks away
    51. breaks away
    52. grabs the snake,
    53. wipes his feet
    54. Standing clinch

    55a. Traps the boar
    55b. Traps the boar
    55c. Traps the boar
    55d. Traps the boar
    56a. Trips his prey
    56b. Trips his prey
    56c. Trips his prey
    57. Throws his prey
    58. Knife at throat rear
    59. Knife at throat in quarter nelson (4 sides)

    From Top mount
    60. Top mount double arm pin with blood choke
    61. Arm trap with legs from cross mount
    62. Headlock escape from top mount (4 sides) Attacker on side
    63. Headlock escape from top mount Attacker on back
    64. Arm bar from top mount
    65. Side mount self arm choke
    66. Sitting rear choke

    Black Belt
  • Black belt rank
  • Mantis

  • 1a. Stick hands
    b. Stick hands
    c. Stick hands
    2a. Hidden fist
    b. Hidden fist
    3. Repeating Fists
    4. Two Headed mantis
    5. Opens the gate
    6. Dancing mantis
    7. Flying elbows

    8. Mantis Clinch escape
    9. ...defends
    10. ...meets butterfly
    11. ...crushes the wasp (Rope rear)
    12. ...thumb poke
    13a. ...attacks front (Neck break head twist)
    13b. ...attacks rear (Neck break head twist)
    14. Bottle opener
    15a. ...escapes spiders grasp
    15b. ...escapes spiders grasp
    16a. ...shelters her eggs from the rain
    16b. ...shelters her eggs from the sun

    17. Overhead knife/club attack
    18a. Low round or jabbing knife
    18b. Low round or jabbing knife
    18c. Low round or jabbing knife

    Red belt
  • Red belt rank
  • 1. Priest roll roundhouse sword, knife, club
    2. Sitting Front grab
    3. Sitting hair grab
    4a. Sitting choke from rear
    4b. Sitting choke from rear
    5. Sitting overhead knife / club
    6a. Sitting side knife low
    6b. Sitting side knife high
    7a. Sitting full nelson
    7b. Sitting full nelson

    From sitting on floor and Chair
    8. Sidestep bullfighter.
    9. Attack from front
    10. Leg lever
    11. Knife at throat from rear

    Cane Form

    Priest rank
  • Priest