Portland Campus Housing/Property Rental Listing
Please use this online form to list your rental property located in the Greater Portland area and properties north of this area.

For properties in Biddeford/Saco/Old Orchard Beach or south of that area, please visit the Biddeford Campus "Living Off Campus" page and use the Biddeford Campus listing application to list your property. This page can be found at https://www.une.edu/studentlife/biddeford/residential/res-ed-office/off-campus.

We remind you that your rental listing will be published on UNE's website and will be accessible to not only the UNE community, but the general public as well. As such, we advise you to thoroughly screen all interested applicants and be cautious of potential fraudulent activity.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in the requested information below and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page when you are done. Items with a red * are required.

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  • If housing is shared with the property owner or another existing tenant(s), please select "Room".
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    Property availability should be within 6 months of posting date (maximum). We will not list properties with availability dates more than 6 months out.
  • Please DO NOT duplicate information in your description that is also listed/indicated elsewhere on this form (ex: Utilities, Laundry, Parking, etc.)
  • Please list full address of rental property including street number and any apartment or unit number, if applicable.
  • If "Partial", feel free to explain which utilities are included under the "Property Description" section of this form.
  • If "Partially", feel free to explain which furnishings are included under the "Property Description" section of this form.
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    If no Security Deposit is required or is negotiable, leave dollar amount blank and explain under the "Property Description" section of this form.
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