United Peninsula Lodge No.24 Annual Dues
Dues are payable as-of January 1 each year (you may pay early!)

The 2022 dues schedule for cheque or e-transfer to the Lodge as follows:

Regular Dues: $250
Affiliate Dues Paying GL Assessments to another Lodge: $150
30-Year Members only paying GL Assessment: $100

For e-transfers: administration@unitedpeninsula.ca
For Cheques: Payable to United Peninsula Lodge No.24
8105 Derrinberg Road Saanichton, BC V8M 1T5

Brethren can save the fees that PayPal charges to the Lodge with either a cheque or an e-transfer. For those paying with PayPal (which allows credit cards), please note that the dues paid through this form include the additional costs charged by PayPal.
  • Categories marked with "*" are mandatory fields.
  • Please note that this form is only for renewals of existing members of United Peninsula Lodge No.24. All memberships are subject to Lodge Bylaws
  • If paying Grand Lodge Assessments through another Lodge within the jurisdiction, please indicate the Lodge. Exemptions from GL Assessments and 30-Year status are subject to verification
  • Your Dues Card will be sent to you within 10 days upon verification of your dues amount!

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  • About the E-Commerce & PayPal Process:

    We use PayPal to process card transactions. For web security, you may be required to complete a ReCaptcha Image Verification after you click on the PayPal bar (bottom of this form). If you are asked to complete an Image Verification, please follow the prompts to continue to PayPal.

    You do not need to have an established PayPal account to use their services. If you have a PayPal account, after you log-in, you will be one-click away from completing the process. For those without a PayPal account, please select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card". You will need to select whether you are in the United States or Canada (top of the page after you select "Pay with Debit, etc"), then advise your exact credit card billing address and all your card information. United Peninsula does not receive or maintain any of the information you supply PayPal.

    If you have challenges and abandon the PayPal process (usually an address or card problem), once you have determined the exact billing address and all your card information, please re-complete this form on the UP24 website; we'll see the duplicate entry and figure it out!