United Peninsula Lodge No.24 Annual Dues
Dues are payable as-of January 1 each year (you may pay early!)

The 2023 dues schedule for cheque or e-transfer to the Lodge as follows:

-Regular Dues: $265
-Affiliate Dues Paying GL Assessments to another Lodge: $165
-30-Year Members only paying GL Assessment: $100

Note that all categories of 30-Year Member privileges are contingent on at-least 5-years of Regular Membership at UP-24

For e-transfers: administration@unitedpeninsula.ca
For Cheques: Payable to United Peninsula Lodge No.24
8105 Derrinberg Road Saanichton, BC V8M 1T5

Brethren can save the fees that PayPal charges to the Lodge with either a cheque or an e-transfer. For those paying with PayPal (which allows credit cards), please note that the dues paid through this form include the additional costs charged by PayPal.
  • Categories marked with "*" are mandatory fields.
  • Please note that this form is only for renewals of existing members of United Peninsula Lodge No.24. All memberships are subject to Lodge Bylaws
  • If paying Grand Lodge Assessments through another Lodge within the jurisdiction, please indicate the Lodge. Exemptions from GL Assessments and 30-Year status are subject to verification
  • Your Dues Card will be sent to you within 10 days upon verification of your dues amount!

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