Assistance Request Form
If you would like to request assistance from the Grace Community Church Benevolence Ministry, please fill out and submit this form. Please answer fully and honestly. Your answers will not grant you approval or disapproval, but assist us in how best to assist you according to Grace Community Church’s policies.
  • the name of the person for whom help is requested
  • your name- only if you are asking for help on behalf of someone else
  • Basic Information

    Please, provide as much information as possible for the requestor.
  • - -
  • select the relationship with Grace Community Church that most accurately describes the intended recipient
  • If you are not currently affiliated with GCC, are your associated with another church?
  • if yes, please provide the name, location, and a point of contact person
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  • provide ages for all who legally reside in your household, besides yourself
  • type of help needed (i.e. food, gas, power, etc.)
  • $ .
  • Certification

    Insure all information is filled out. Your answer below indicates your agreement as with your signature.
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