Sperm donor - Extended Profile USA
  • Welcome to Cryos' Extended Profile Questionaire

    Advice before filling out the form:

    • Please fill out as much as possible in English.
    • Read the questionnaire thoroughly before you start filling out the form, as most of the questions are obligatory to answer (marked with a red *).
    • It is possible to save you answers along the way by using the link at the bottom of the page next to the Submit button. Your answers will be saved for a maximum of 5 days, before it is reset.
    • When you click the Save button, please copy and save the link on the following page, as it is a different link than the one given to you by the Cryos staff.
    • We advise you to gather all the information you will need before you start. Of particular concern is the section about family information, the handwritten motivation and baby photos in the last part of the form.
    • Please leave out any identifying information about yourself in your answers other than your name and ID-number.
    • It is important that you give the profile a personal touch. Elaborate and comment on your own answers. Example of a question:

    What childhood event left the biggest impression on you? "When I was ten years old, my grandparents took me and my sister camping for a whole week. We picked wild berries, played hide-and-seek in the forest and went swimming in the lake. Nights were spent around the bonfire and while enjoying the berry pies my grandmother had made, my grandfather told stories about the old days and about all the important things in life. This was a great bonding experience and it created a lasting memory of spending time with my grandparents."

    We, of course, make sure that your name, ID number and email address is not going to appear in the final profile.

    It generally takes 1 - 1.5 hours to complete the form.

  • Physical Characteristics

  • Education & Occupation

  • Personality

  • What is your favourite...(please state why)

  • (For example summer or Christmas)
  • Which experience/moment in your life was your...

  • Health information

  • Family Information

    Help for filling out this section:

    • Under ‘Health’ please indicate "Good" for healthy and write shortly about any disease or cause of death.
    • If you do not know the exact height and/or weight of family members, indicate such approximate height/weight.
    • If he/she is no longer alive, indicate age at time of death.
    • If he/she has retired, please indicate former occupation.
  • Paternal Grandfather

  • Paternal Grandmother

  • Maternal Grandfather

  • Maternal Grandmother

  • Father

  • Mother

  • Sibling 1

  • Sibling 2

  • Sibling 3

  • Sibling 4

  • Sibling 5

  • Sibling 6

  • Write as much as possible in English and at least 100 words, but preferably more. Write about your motivation for becoming a donor, your personal message to the child/family and/or other information about yourself.
    The motivation must be written by hand in blue or black ink on white A4/Letter sized paper.

    The file must be scanned in one of the following formats pdf, jpeg, png or similar. I you do not have the opportunity to scan your motivation and attach it here, you can bring it to your local department and they will make sure that it is scanned and stored with your extended profile.
  • Attach ONLY images in digital form. Please do not take pictures of pictures - here is meant, by taking a picture with mobile phone of a picture on the wall or in an album.

    We need the quality to be as good as possible, preferably portrait photos.

    We will make sure to remove any family members or other identifying items from the photos.

    If you do not have the opportunity to scan images, attach as an arbitrary image, and bring your photos to your local department and we will help you scan them.
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  • Thank you for filling out the form!