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Tennessee Sign Up Form<BR>
(NOTE: Only fill out this form if you are <BR>
planning to Transcribe or Proofread.)</b></font>

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To sign up to transcribe or proofread:<BR><br>
1. Choose a census to transcribe/proofread from the
<a href="http://www.usgwcensus.org/states.htm" target="_blank">
State Census Index</a>.<br>
2. Pick a State from the <a href="http://www.usgwcensus.org/sign/" target="_blank">
Sign Up Form</a>.<br>
3. Choose only one year, state and county. (For larger counties, please
select only part of a county. These are townships, districts, divisions,
Enumeration Districts or EDs, ect.) There is more information about this
on our <a href="http://www.usgwcensus.org/volunteer/ed.htm" target="_blank">
Subdistricts and Enumeration Districts</a> page.<br><br>
PLEASE NOTE: No assignment will be given if more than one county
is listed, or if ED number(s) are not listed (to a maximum of 6).
Please fill in this form completely. Thank you!<br><br>
Your Signup Form will be sent to the SCC (State Census Coordinator) and
that person will send you a letter with more information.

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NOTE: Only fill out this form if you are planning to
Transcribe or Proofread. It is NOT NECESSARY to fill
out this form if you are simply doing a
<a href="http://www.usgenweb-search.us/census/index.html" target="_blank">

Your Name:
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Choose One Year:
Transcribing or Proofreading:
List your county:
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