Groups Credit Card Authorization Form
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  • This will be used for mailing any electronic documents/itineraries.
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  • The Card Holder utilizes the services of SPENCER GROUP OF COMPANIES PTY LTD (‘THE AGENT’) on a continuous basis for the Card Holders travel requirements.

    In order to facilitate payment for travel arrangements between the Card Holder and THE AGENT, the Card Holder confirms that all orders placed with THE AGENT are to be charged to the Card Holders credit card or cards circled below. If more than one credit card is noted by the Card Holder, then the Card Holder will advise THE AGENT of which card to utilize in relation to each order, but if no direction is given in that regard, THE AGENT is authorized to charge the order against the Card Holder’s credit card as nominated as one (1) on the list.

    THE AGENT reserves the right to obtain proof of identification in the form of a copy of a signed drivers license, passport or photo ID to verify identity of the Card Holder.

    PRIVACY STATEMENT - “I/We acknowledge that I/we will provide Spencer Travel Pty Ltd (‘THE AGENT’) from time to time with information about myself / ourselves of a personal nature (personal Information”).