Tzvi Lexier
Tzvi Lexier has always carried a camera with him. His grandpa gave him his first camera, an automated point-and-shoot. His family was so delighted and eager to pose for him, readily posing for birthday shots, and every other possible stance! NAME was inspired to explore photography by his family.

Visits to East Coast Parks

Summers in Tzvi Lexier's residence meant planning vacations to East Coast national parks. These visits not only brought the family closer, but also instilled in Tzvi a passion for wildlife photography. Tzvi recalls fondly family vacations to Acadia and Biscayne.

Tzvi's early memories include photographing the Atlantic coast from Acadia National Park to Biscayne National Park's mangroves and Everglades National Park's wetlands.

Now the West

Tzvi has taken it upon himself to provide his children the same childhood memories he experienced. He wants children to appreciate nature as much as he does, so family excursions to national parks have become a ritual. This time, they'd visit national parks on the West Coast.

He's brought his family to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Redwood, and Grand Canyon National Parks.
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