BA Soccer League - Summer 2020
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Personal information
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  • Terms, Conditions and Fees

  • You MUST consent to both terms or your registration will not be accepted.
    To be accepted into and kept in this league, you have to be seen as someone that everyone likes to play with and referee for, because you compete fairly, respect everyone, do everything in your power to avoid hurting or insulting others, and show remorse if ever you slip up on that front.

    If you don’t meet these criteria, the league executive, in consultation with its current and/or prior season managers, will turn down your application or eject you from the league, as applicable.

    Bad behaviour turns us off as much as good beer turns us on: do bear this in mind as you complete your registration.
  • Personal Information

  • Please upload a photo of yourself preferably a headshot/profile photo you would use on linked in/facebook etc. This helps us with our team building and player ranking.
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  • Registration and Payment Information

  • (if you know it) We can look it up if you don't.
  • Player Preferences and Capabilities

  • This helps us balance the teams. Please be honest.

    1 - Beginner
    5 - League average
    10 - Best player on the field

  • Example: OT 1, MR 3, Hornets MC 1, N/A
  • Player History

    This information is required by the OSA. The default information applies to most of you
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  • Additional Information

  • Please estimate the number of games that you may be unavailable to play this season.
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