Precision Carbine

Date/Time: March 6th - 7th, 2023 8am-5pm

TCOLE credit: 16 hours

Texas City Municipal Shooting Range
4000 Bay Street North
Texas City, TX 77590

Cost: $25
Cash, Check or Money Order Only. Credit cards are NOT accepted at this time.
Make checks payable to City of Texas City.
Limited spots; pre-registration required.

Instructors: TCPD Firearms Instructors

Required Ammo: 500-700 rounds match grade rifle ammo (duty ammo), any Semi- Automatic rifle platform with greater than 1x power magnified optic (red dot eotech or aim point, scoped rifle ie 1.25 x4/5/6/8), binoculars or spotting scope and comfortable clothing. (Useful but not required: shooting mat)

This course applies to those who want to advance in usage of their magnified optic platform or medium to long range for duty application. Semi- auto platforms will be discussed as follows: Safety, semi-auto platforms, magnified optical sights, scope adjustments; MOA & MIL, basic and advanced reticle usage, bore sighting and zeroing, fundamentals of marksmanship, reloads, supported positions (tripods & barricades), effects of weather, ballistics, ballistic app usage, shooter observer dialog, and spotting. Proficiency in handling, and shooting are all part of this course, students will shoot to 150+ yards. Those with good carbine experience will benefit from the usage of enhanced or magnified optics and coaching provided for the student to learn marksmanship and target diagnostics to shoot to the capability of the carbine.

The student will also be required to conduct live fire range exercises evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Each student must be a licensed peace officer through TCOLE and must be covered by their respective departments insurance or Worker’s Compensation Plan. While attending any live-fire weapons training it is recommended to wear personal body armor. For clear recognition of the firearms instructor, he/she will be wearing a red shirt therefore it is requested students not wear red shirts.

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