Cord Blood Phlebotomist Booking Confirmation
Parsmedix Limited.
  • I am pleased to be able to confirm the phlebotomy cover for your forthcoming baby's birth and cord blood procurement. Please check through the referral details we have received below and take note of the phlebotomist contact numbers. To make an introduction, your Primary Phlebotomist will contact you within 24 hours and will be your first point of contact when your labour begins. You have been allocated a Back up Phlebotomist as well for when your Primary is not available. In case of emergencies or If you cannot get through to any of your allocated Phlebotomists, you can call the out of hour number. Both of your phlebotomists will have received details of your baby's birth and will ensure a smooth cord blood collection on your behalf. Please open the link below to see a guide of when to contact your Phlebotomist.

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  • Name of Hospital if applicable
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    Back up
  • Important

    Please contact your back up if your Primary is not responding to your calls/texts for more than 5 minutes. In the unlikely event of both Phlebotomists being unavailable, please contact our 24 hour Emergency Line on 03333441444.
  • Best Regards

    Parsmedix Referral Team