KVCA Watch List Nomination and Covid-19 Survey
The KVCA is continuing to monitor new announcements from the KHSAA regarding the start of the 2020 season.

Under the assumption the season will be played, the KVCA is planning to publish the 2020 KVCA Watch List. The list will allow coaches to better track on the top athletes from their region as the season progresses. Please only nominate athletes you expect to receive consideration for All-State.
  • KVCA Watch List Nominations

    • Each coach can nominate up to 5 athletes from your region
    • You can only nominate 2 athletes from your own team
    • If you are confident your team deserves more, you can email them to bradley.wilson@avca.org
  • Covid-19 Survey

    The KVCA would like to know how it can serve its members as it relates to the 2020 season and the KHSAA's decisions regarding Covid-19. Please complete following questions to know how we can be supportive.
  • KVCA Instagram

    Last Year, the AVCA created an Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/kvcavolleyball/

    We will continue to publish photos and make All-State announcements using the account.