GreatConnections Membership Application
GreatConnections helps to build a better Victoria by mobilising skilled and experienced volunteers to support community organisations and leaders.

GreatConnections can source skilled, transformative volunteers to support your organisation and your members in three important areas:

- Board, Council and Committee members
- Mentors for staff and community leaders
- Specialist support in areas such as business planning, governance, strategic planning, communications, and marketing

We have been delivering transformational projects for 25 years, linking the experience of Leadership Victoria alumni, graduates and volunteers with the needs of not-for-profit and community organisations.

Central to our approach are our Client Managers, who offer a personalised service to member organisations by helping to scope projects and identifying a volunteer with the right skills and experience.

Are we right for your needs?

GreatConnections engage in activities which are set to transform your organisation, to help you progress towards your mission or take place at a strategic level to build capacity and/or capability in a specific area.

If you are looking for regular office support or assistance for a one-off technical task like building a new website, we may not be the right option for you.


GreatConnections offers two levels of fee-based membership to not-for-profit and community organisations, Full and Associate.

All members receive the following benefits:
- A regular digest of information about issues affecting non-profit organisations
- Acknowledgement of their participation on the Leadership Victoria website
- Exclusive invitations and concessional offers to special NFP-focused Leadership Victoria events and programs

Further benefits for Associate members:
- Access to website-only Board Member requests, not facilitated by a Client Manager.

Further benefits for Full members:
- Support for activity development
- Personalised matching of skilled volunteers to projects, including organisational capacity building, mentoring for staff and board placements

Full or Associate Membership?

Full members are allocated a volunteer Client Manager upon joining GreatConnections, and are able to identify a number of projects suitable for volunteer support.

If you are looking for two or more board members, mentoring for staff or volunteers, or some specialist volunteer support, this is the membership for you.

Associate members are able to advertise board positions on the Leadership Victoria website – this membership is best suited to organisations who are seeking a single board member.

Next steps

If would like to apply for GreatConnections membership, please respond to the questions below.

If you would like more information, please contact Leadership Victoria on 03 9651 6590.
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  • Membership options

    New and renewing organisations can join GreatConnections as an Associate or a Full Member. Associate Members can choose to upgrade their membership at any time.

    Select your level of GreatConnections Membership:
  • Inclusive of GST
  • Inclusive of GST
  • Access will be provided to the LV website within 3 working days of payment. Your username will be the email address of your key contact.
  • Are you volunteer ready?

    Once a GreatConnections volunteer commences working with your organisation on an activity, they join your organisation as a volunteer for the duration of the activity.

    If you are yet to develop a volunteer management framework, we recommend you review the recently released National Standards for Volunteer Involvement available at the Volunteering Australia website.

    We require that you have appropriate insurance to cover volunteer activity - please submit evidence of this policy below. Submission of the relevant policy information is required and membership cannot progress without this documentation.
  • GC recommends organisations engaging with volunteers have a Volunteer Management Framework but it is not a requirement of membership.
  • Required for Full Members. Please ensure that volunteers are specified as covered in your accident, liability and indemnity policies.
  • Required for Associate Members. Full Members will be asked to submit on the occasion of posting a Board position request.
  • Not a requirement of membership.
  • Not a requirement of membership.
  • All GC volunteers are vetted by interviews; however, any security checks required are the responsibility of member organisations.
  • If you have any questions about our Terms of Use, please save your registration and then email greatconnections@leadershipvictoria.org before continuing.
  • You may unsubscribe at any time if these communications are no longer of interest, however, this will not impact your level of membership.
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