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  • We will only consider medicine that is completely organic, free of mold, pests, pesticides and any foreign matter. MUST BE CLEAN !!
    We do encourage and respond to patient feedback, for quality control.
    You will receive a notice of any and all feedback, concerning your product/s.
    Too many complaints may be cause for termination of your product listing.

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    B. After placement on website, you will again receive a email with a, "Test Order Form", as if made by ordering patient.
    This is only to verify all information and settings are correct.

    When orders for your product are made:
    We confirm and verify all information.
    The Patient receives an invoice of their order, with instructions for your payment.
    Then you will receive an email containing all information listed below.

    1. Patient's Name
    2. Product/s Ordered
    3. Quantities Ordered
    4. Total Cost $
    5. Preferred payment method.
    6. Address for delivery.

    Image of Medical Cannabis Rec. and Valid Photo ID, are retained by our office for 30 days.

    It is your responsibility to facilitate any further transaction.
    We do solicit and encourage feedback from patients.
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  • 7 grams $
    14 grams $
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    2 ounces $
    4 ounces $
    8 ounces $
    1 unit $
    2 units $
    Put the number "00" for quantities not offered.
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  • Every Order Placed

    The ordering patient receives an instant autoresponse copy of their order.

    If you desire, we can add an autoresponse, that also includes your payment instructions.
  • This email is where orders are sent.
  • This autoresponse also includes a request for the patient to include a copy of their order with their payment.