"Corporate Communication Skills Newsletter"
Pitch can be simply defined as the secret of your voice. A high pitch can be interpreted as nervous or angry. A very low pitch seems more severe and authoritative. At the same time, variation from the pitch of your voice is crucial to maintain another party interested.

Should you Be certain that you focus on your own body when doing so -- you do not need to hurt your vocal cords.

The Speed at which you talk also has a huge effect in your communication capability. From a practical standpoint, somebody who speaks fast is more difficult to understand than somebody who speaks in a moderate rate. Conversely, somebody who speaks very gradually will likely lose their viewer's attention before they get very much!

Speed Also has an influence on the tone and psychological level of your message. A hurried speed can make the listener feel stressed and hurried. A slow tempo will make the listener feel like your message isn't important. A moderate tempo will appear natural, and certainly will help the listener concentrate in your message.

Body We've included a summary of three big categories under; we shall talk about a fourth class, expressions, at a minute. A Gesture is a non-verbal message that's made out of a particular portion of the human body. Below We've included a brief list of expressions along with their common interpretation
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