2022 | PV Summer Housing Application
Please complete the information listed below. Completing this information will allow us to better assist your summer housing needs.

All students are required to vacate by May 13, 2022 unless you have been approved to stay for summer session 1 or both sessions. If your summer lease agreement is for summer session 2 only, you are required to vacate on May 13th.

You must be enrolled in summer school at Prairie View A&M University to obtain summer housing.

Summer 2022 housing will be held at University Square ONLY.

All residents must pay a $75 Utility Fee prior to receiving a summer lease. This fee can be paid at The Housing Hub or University Square clubhouse.
  • Demographics Information

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  • Must provide two email addresses.
  • Request Details

  • (* Please note that your summer housing could require you to transfer to another unit)
  • (* Please note that your summer housing could require you to transfer to another unit)
  • Vehicle Information (if applicable)

  • Guidelines

    1. You must be enrolled in Prairie View A&M University Summer School to stay for Summer Housing.

    2. Residents who wish to remain on campus MUST complete the Summer Housing request form by May 1, 2022.

    3. Residents who do not submit the summer housing request form by the deadline will be required to vacate by May 13, 2022 by noon.

    4. Incomplete request forms will NOT be accepted.

    5. The unit transfer date is June 3, 2022. Summer lease holders currently residing at University Village, University View 1 & 2, and University College are required to transfer on the date above. Please prepare accordingly.

    6. Summer residents are required to abide by the policies, rules and regulations as stated in their lease.

    7. No overnight visitation or illegal occupant(s) will be allowed. (Please Read The Resident Lease)

    8. You will not be allowed to move into your summer housing if you have an outstanding balance with Housing.

    By clicking Submit, I acknowledge that I have read the above guidelines and will abide by all polices and rules.