TDBJ | Credit Card Authorization
Please complete this authorization to finalize your travel arrangements. All information is collected for the purpose of your travel arrangements and will remain confidential. Please note that filling out this form doesn't automatically charge your card, but instead securely transmits the information to us for manual processing. Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours for charge to appear on your statement.
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  • VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER credit cards have a three-digit (CVV) number. AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards have a 4 digit non-embossed number.
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  • Authorization

    I acknowledge that I have reviewed the travel arrangements prepared for me and agree to the terms. I have been informed of the cancellation policies for our travel arrangements and have been made aware of the benefits of travel protection. I hereby authorize Travel Dreams by Jenn to charge the credit card listed above for the travel arrangements. I guarantee and warrant that I am the legal cardholder for this credit card.
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