Firewood Bank Assistance: New Applicant Grant Form
Grants for existing firewood banks are available on a sliding scale up to $20,000, depending on the needs and capacity of the firewood bank.

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  • 1. Organizational and Contact Information

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  • Section 2: Mission and Operations

  • Section 3. Safety, Health, Equipment, and Impact

  • Section 4. Application Requirements

  • Section 5. Proposed Grant Request Budget

    Grants for existing firewood banks are available on a sliding scale up to $20,000 depending on the needs and capacity of the firewood bank. Examples of eligible expenses include chain saws, splitters, logs, building materials for firewood sheds or tool sheds, protective equipment, wheelbarrows, and many other items. All grant recipients must have or purchase a moisture meter and have a plan to test and track firewood moisture. Grant funding may also be used to purchase insurance, fuel and transportation expenses and related equipment. First aid kits, moisture meters, and sufficient safety equipment (helmet, chaps, eye protection, gloves, etc.) are required on site, so these items must be added to the budget if they are not already owned by the firewood bank. Products made in the United States are preferred. Also, since this is federal money, no single item can cost more than $5,000, and funds cannot be used to cover food, drinks or entertainment. Note: we can only cover costs for materials – not labor. Please let us know what you need, and we can determine if it’s an eligible expense. Please provide a simple budget with links to the items you need. Any tax and shipping fees should be calculated separately and included in the total item cost. Remember, if you forget to include taxes or shipping, you will be required to cover those expenses on your own. (Each state is different. The average state tax is 5.6% and the average local tax is 1.9%. If your budget has items totaling $10,000, the average sales taxes would be over $700. You can find your state sales tax here). (You can adjust the budget before the grant is finalized if it is accepted).

    here for a sample budget that you may download and use.
  • Section 6. Reporting requirements

    We have created a simple and straightforward reporting process. All groups receiving funding must provide an interim and final report describing how the money was spent and what was achieved. Please note that 80% of funds must be spent (or equipment ordered) within two weeks of receiving the grant funds. Groups will need to provide receipts for their major expenses (items over $250), describe outcomes (e.g. how many cords of wood were delivered etc.) A screenshot showing the completed purchase can serve as a receipt for online purchases.
  • Section 7. Reasons for Denial

    There are not many reasons that your renewal grant application would be rejected. Our goal is to expedite funding to as many existing firewood banks as possible. If the application is not properly filled out, we will work with firewood banks to get it right, not deny funding.
  • Section 8. Photos

  • This funding is made possible from the USDA Forest Service through section 40803(c)(17) of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.