SINGLE MEGAPHONE Price/Quote Info Form
Please complete/submit this form if your are interested in receiving a Price Quote for a SINGLE Megaphone.
  • This is strictly to determine is we can communicate our art approvals/delivery dates via Phone Texting, Messenger or Emails.
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    Our Home Shop Is Located At: 529 Filbert-Orient Rd. Fairbank, PA 15435
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  • The Above Prices are For A Full Color Printed Vinyl Wrap Design and Application Service (+ Tax ) only and Does Not include the Price of a Megaphone ( if needed ).
  • Do you already know EXACTLY how you want your MEGAPHONE to look or would you like us to design something for you (no extra charge) based on info submitted for this quote:
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    If you already have art/sketches or diagrams, you can upload that on the followup submission confirmation page.
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    If you already have images, sketches, diagrams, artwork or photos that you will be wanting on your megaphone (optional) you can upload those images on the following page after you submit this form.
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    This form is just a preliminary info setup for us to send you mockups and pricing. Feel free to add any further details about your Cheerleading products you may want us to know in the description box below.
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    We strive to complete ALL our Megaphones ASAP but must YOUR expected date before we accept the order.