Apprentice Module - Skill Submission Form
Please use this form to submit your skill video
  • Video Submission Requirements.

    All video files must be clearly titled on YouTube or Vimeo as follows:
    *Apprentice Module 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
    *Your full name.
    *Dog's name.

    For example: Apprentice Module 1. Louise Stapleton-Frappell & Jambo.

    Please include a brief verbal or caption explanation of the skill you intend to teach/demonstrate.
    E.g. I am going to demonstrate how to train a “Sit” using a lure
    E.g. A caption tile before the film clip begins with “Sit – using lure” written on it.

    Evidence of training methods presented in each video must comply with the Pet Professional Guild's Guiding Principles and operating policies.

    All training methods used must be force-free.

    Video Criteria:
    Please refer to your course module video assessment instructions.

    Video Submission Feedback:
    We endeavor to send you your feedback within three working days.
    If you do not hear from us in that time, please email

  • Your video link should look like this: Module Name + Your Name + Name of the dog(s) + The link to the video on YouTube or Vimeo. See examples below:

    Apprentice Module 1. Louise Stapleton-Frappell & Jambo:

    Apprentice Module 1. Louise Stapleton-Frappell & Jambo:
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