• To become a Cable TV Pioneer, a candidate must have a minimum of 20 years of direct involvement in the cable industry; demonstrated leadership and progress in their positions, as well as contributed to their communities.

    A candidate requires two sponsors. The nominating and co-sponsoring Pioneers cannot be affiliated with the candidate or with each other by a business or family relationship. Both sponsors must be Pioneers for at least three years and their dues must be current. A Pioneer may nominate only one candidate or may co-sponsor just one candidate each year.

    You may save and complete the application form at a different session by clicking the “Save & Resume Later” button and copying the URL that will be provided on screen. Primary sponsors should copy and forward the URL to the co-sponsor for signature. The co-sponsor must click “Save & Resume Later” after they sign the form and let the primary sponsor know it is completed. Primary sponsors should add a photo JPG of the candidate and hit the submit button.
  • Part A. - Candidate Information

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