Charley Cricket Player Application Winter
Outdoors 2020-21
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  • 01/09/10 - 31/08/11 (U10)
    01/09/09 - 31/08/10 (U11)
    01/09/08 - 31/08/09 (U12)

  • From September 2020
  • If not a member of a Club put N/A
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  • Charley Cricket

  • Please note that players are grouped by a mix of age and ability. You will be assigned to a group. We assess players regularly so you may be asked to move group (but not venue) during the programme.
  • We will try to offer you your preferred indoor venue but due to limited capacity this may not be possible in all circumstances.
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  • Full details of the policy can be found on our website

    Hertfordshire Cricket Limited (HCL) will hold details of individuals accessing services, courses with other information it holds about individuals and will use this for the following purposes:
    For maintaining records / for ensuring the mandatory requirements of the ECB are satisfied / to provide and administer the goods and services you request from us. We would like to contact you by the following methods of communication: post / email / phone with information and offers of products or services that we believe may interest you. If you tick the opt in box you will be consenting to receive information and offers as described. You are entitled to a copy of your personal data and to correct any inaccuracies in it.
  • The Hertfordshire Cricket Limited Privacy Policy can be found on our webste
  • The Hertfordshire Cricket Limited Winter Performance Programme Cancellation Policy can be found on our website
  • Confirmation Email - No payment required at this time

    Once you have submitted the form you will receive a confirmation email from a no reply email address. Please double check your junk mail/spam folders if you do not receive this. Once your application has been processed you will be sent a request for payment. Please note this may take upto 10 days during busy periods.