2022 Fall Reward Adjustment Request
Only Service Unit Volunteers should complete this form. Deadline to complete reward adjustment is December 12, 2022.
  • Must be either the Service Unit Product Manager or the Service Unit Rewards Coordinator. Troops must contact the Service Unit Product Manager if they need a Rewards Adjustment.
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  • List all troops who are affected on this form separated by commas. You may submit a separate form for each troop if necessary.
  • Instructions:

    There is only space for up to 10 items on this form. You may fill out & submit this form as many times as necessary as you receive additional requests from troops. Open each shipment immediately when it arrives.

    Steps to follow:

    1. Verify the items and quantities received match the packing slip exactly (do not distribute any items to troops before completing this step).
    If more rewards are received than listed on report, the SU Fall Rewards Coordinator will ask you to run a new Rewards Order Summary by Troop report. Sometimes errors are caught and fixed by GSOC which may change the number of recognition items received. Return any extras to GSOC.
    2. If shorted on delivery and/or additional items needed, complete Rewards Adjustment form online at GSCookiesEtc.org.
    3. Upload a copy of the packing list(s) noting any extras or shortages.
    4. GSOC will notify SU Rewards Coordinator when ready for pick-up (please allow 2 weeks).

  • Short-shipped items:

    As soon as the reward shipment arrives open each box, count each item and compare this quantity to the quantity listed on the packing slip. If these numbers do not match, you must notate it on the packing slip, then select "Yes" in the short-shipped field below. If your count matches the packing slip quantity but you still don't have enough of these items then select "No" in this field.
  • For example: "Troop ordered XX amount and only XX was received"
  • See instructions above
  • Additional items

    If you need to request more items please complete another online form and the information will be merged with the first. The deadline to submit additional rewards is December 12. Thank you.