School Based Apprentice of the Year 2017
Thank you for taking the time to nominate for the School Based Apprentice of the Year award.

Please ensure you check your answers to the questions before submitting, as once submitted, answers can't be altered.

Please provide information for each selection criteria, as incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Students must:
• Be a permanent resident of Australia and reside in Western Australia
• Have studied at South Metropolitan TAFE in 2017
• Be registered with the Apprenticeship Office as an apprentice or trainee*
• Be in a Certificate II or above equivalent qualification through a school based apprenticeship or traineeship
• Still be enrolled at school
• Be up-to-date with payment of course fees

Responses against the following criteria will be required as part of this nomination:
• Career and study achievements
• Communication, team and leadership skills
• Ability to represent South Metropolitan TAFE at a broader level
• Other pursuits / achievements

All applications will be judged by a panel of South Metropolitan TAFE staff and decisions are final.

*To check if you are registered as an apprentice or trainee call the Apprenticeship Office on 13 19 54.
  • (e.g. Certificate III in Automotive)
  • (Please complete even if you are nominating yourself)
  • You will receive confirmation of your submission including a copy of the information you have provided via email.
  • Maximum 500 words. Include information such as:
    • any personal or career gains the nominee has achieved from participating in their studies and job
    • how the nominee can demonstrate their understanding of the value of learning
    • how the nominee has integrated on-the-job and off-the-job training and what benefits this has held
    • the nominee’s learning, student life experience and achievements at South Metropolitan TAFE
  • Maximum 500 words. Include information such as:
    • examples of effective oral and written communication
    • the nominee’s level of self-reliance and resilience in times of change or difficult situations
    • examples of effective team participation
    • ways in which the nominee has demonstrated leadership and promotion of their training or industry
  • Maximum 500 words. Include information such as:
    • ways in which the nominee has promoted the benefits of training with South Metropolitan TAFE
    • any knowledge or understanding the nominee has gained of new developments and trends in their workplace or industry and the vocational education and training system
    • ways in which you the nominee has promoted their industry and/or training at South Metropolitan TAFE to others
    • why the nominee chose to study at South Metropolitan TAFE
  • Maximum 500 words. Include information such as:
    • Other training/qualifications the nominee has gained
    • Future training/education the nominee is considering or enrolled in
    • Prizes or awards gained through study or employment
    • The nominee’s involvement in the community
    • Achievements in areas other than study and work