Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1 2020 Annual Dues
Dues are payable as-of January 1, each year (you may pay early!)

Please note that persuant to Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1 Bylaw 21(a), dues not paid by April 30th each calendar year shall be subject to the applicable procedures as directed by the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon.

Distressed Brethren who wish to remain Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1 members and find themselves unable to pay their dues within the proscribed timeline, should contact the Worshipful Master at the earliest for consideration of support through the Lodge Benevolent Fund.

Discounted renewals are available with payment by cheque, cash or Interac email transfers, as the Lodge incurs no fees for those types of transactions. Discounts are $8 for Regular, $6 for Affiliate and $4 for Port Angeles memberships. Contact the Treasurer for the details!
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  • Please note that this form is only for renewals of existing members & affiliates of Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1. All memberships are subject to Lodge Bylaws
  • For Affiliate Members (other than Port Angeles No.69), please indicate which Lodge you are currently paying your Grand Lodge Assessments through.
  • Victoria-Columbia Lodge No.1 pays mandatory Grand Lodge Yearly Assessments of approximately $80/Brother. 50-Year Members currently have those assessments paid by the balance of the membership. Donations help keep the cost of Lodge dues affordable for everyone!
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