Day Boarding - New Clients* This is NOT daycare
or for dogs that have not visited us in more than 6months.
Subject to availability - By Appointed date only
Please note that we require 2 business days notice for cancellations to avoid charging your account.
  • This is for your name. Not your dog's name.
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    There is No Customer Service 11:30am-1pm Daily.
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    NOTE: Weekends and Stat Holidays we are only open 9-10am & 5-6pm.
    There is no pick up or drop off on Christmas Day.
    This is not an appointed time, we just need to have an idea of who is going/coming in the morning vs the afternoon
  • If you require more than one day of day boarding, please just type in the dates above. In future, you can use the Day Boarding Renewal Form for booking if its been less than 6 months since last visit.
  • Prices do not include HST
    Dog Walking time depends on weather and the dog. Note that all day boarding dogs do receive intermittent exercise.
    Day boarding is by appointment only and additional services are subject to availability.

    It is important that you provide as much detail as possible for us to provide our very best care.
  • Wag and Train does not accept aggressive dogs for boarding.
  • This is very important. Please ensure your contact is aware and will be available if required to pick up your dog.
  • You will be required to bring your dog's current vaccine records or titer tests.

    **All dogs must be vaccinated for Bordetella (kennel cough) within 6 months of the boarding date)
  • Vaccine records that show current Rabies, Core Vaccines and Kennel Cough Vaccines. If you are unable to scan and upload it -You may bring a printed copy with you
  • When you bring your dog's food etc in -
    Please label all with dog's first and last name

  • ***You May Only Choose ONE***

    If you choose #3 - we are sorry but we are unable to accept your dog for care.

    Upon booking, I understand and agree that I will be responsible for all costs incurred and authorize Wag and Train/Run to seek medical attention as per stated above.

    I also agree/understand that if I am unavailable to consult with and my emergency contact is unavailable as well, the limit on spending could be detrimental to my pet's life.
  • If you have chosen #2 as your choice, you must provide an amount or we will proceed with treatment regardless of cost

    You cannot choose an amount less than $500
    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. You will be asked to sign this upon arrival.
    Or print it off and bring it with you.

    In consideration of Wag & Train/Run accepting my dog for boarding, training, daycare and/or grooming, I do hereby
    release, discharge and waive claims, demands, and/or actions against Wag & Train/Run, its agents, landlords, employees,
    officers, and insurers arising from or relating to injury, illness or death that may occur.
    I hereby authorize Wag & Train/Run to care for my dog. Wag & Train/Run agrees to provide clean quarters,
    feeding,medication, exercise and grooming as instructed. Wag & Train reserves the right to trim dogs nails for safety
    reasons and I agree to cover the cost of this service if required. If emergency veterinary care should become necessary, I
    authorize Wag & Train/Run to seek medical attention by a veterinarian selected by Wag & Train/Run and agree to
    reimburse Wag & Train/Run for all charges incurred at the time my pet is discharged. Wag & Train will make an effort to
    obtain care from your veterinarian of choice but this cannot be guaranteed. I also acknowledge that my dog may be
    photographed and I give permission for Wag & Train to use such images for promotional purposes. I agree to be
    responsible for damages that my dog may cause.
    I authorize Wag and Train/Wag and Run to transport my dog as needed or as requested.
    I agree that I will not post derogatory or negative reviews on any social media platforms and agree to pay $5000 to Wag and Train if I should break this agreement.

    I acknowledge that I have read, agree and understand all the terms of this
    agreement above and below. I agree to the terms and conditions on this form and have read, understood and agreed to the Policies and Other Information.

    SIGNATURE_________________________________________ (Print off and sign or use digital signature below)

  • *All deposits are fully refundable
    *Your card would only be charged in case of emergency as outlined above and/or for payment of account overall as directed by you.

    Unfortunately, Veterinary Emergencies require payment upfront and we need to ensure your dog would get the care required.
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  • ( 3 digit code for VISA or MC, 4 digit code for AMEX)
  • You can use your mouse or touchpad to sign here.
  • NOTE: IF YOU PAY ONLINE> PLEASE BRING A PRINTED COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT WITH YOU - as we don't always get notice of payments in time.
  • Please check all that apply. Please note that we do not accept aggressive dogs.
  • Please provide us with any additional information we may need to understand your dog's needs